As we told previously, Siri has become one of the reason why someone needs an iPhone 4S. What if you could port it on devices other than iPhone 4S? Spire from Cydia lets you do that. Below we have written a tutorial on how you can set up Spire on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad using Proxy server.

We have already told you a method to make Siri work without proxy. Now, we will tell you how to install Siri Using Spire from Cydia.

This method is quite simple, but it need you to have a proxy server whether its free or paid. Here are the steps you can follow: [click to continue…]

Today, everyone wants Siri on their iPhone. So, we will tell you how to set up Siri on your iPhone. Perhaps, there are more than one way to set up Siri on your device. But we will tell you about most successful ones. Obviously, you need a jailbroken device to do perform this.

The first one is without proxy for those who don’t want to spend money to get Server but it is highly unreliable and we do not guarantee it will work. Here are the steps that you have to follow. [click to continue…]

Apparently, we have found out that many of you are having problem in setting up the UniAW5.0 theme. So, i have decided to write a tutorial which will help you in setting up the theme. Follow the steps below:

[click to continue…]

ExistenZ made by Bluemetal is one of the few best themes available for iOS 5. If you are looking for simple yet elegant theme, your search ends here. The creator has done tremendous job in themeing every bit of iOS. The theme is compatible for iOS devices having iOS 4.3 to 5.0.1.

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