The Taiwanese manufacturing giant, Foxconn which is also a key supplier of Apple iPhones has conceded that they had recently hired intern students who were aged as low as 14 years.

As per the Chinese labor laws, a firm cannot employ people below the age of 16 years and hence Foxconn has not only violated the Chinese labor laws but also their own in the process. Though interestingly, Foxconn added that the students were in no way associated with the production of Apple devices. But did not confirm whether these under age student worked at the Zhangzhou factory where the iPhone 5 is being produced.

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It was only yesterday that we heard reports of workers in the Zhengzhou factory, one of major iPhone 5 producing units went on strike. Though, today Foxconn has given out a statement to Reuters denying the news as rumors and stated that the production of the iPhone 5’s is on schedule.

Although, Foxconn has admitted to a small dispute taking place in the factory, but the same is said to have happened a few days earlier and the issues sorted the same day itself. They have also added that there was no unscheduled stoppage and the production is underway as planned.

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Apple and Samsung’s epic patent battles are supposed to be part of folklore soon. And yet how both manage to maintain professional business relations is beyond us.

As per a report from Reuters, Samsung Electronics is planning to invest a further $4 billion into its Austin, Texas based chip making plant to renovate production lines and boost production of system chips.

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It seems that this weekend will not be that great after all for the Cupertino based firm as EPL Holdings files a lawsuit right after Motorola sued them at ITC.

AS per the lawsuit filed with the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California by EPL Holdings, the iPhone maker has stolen its media playback technology and used the same on their iPhone and iPad. EPL Holdings also goes on to claim that they had met Apple way back on 28th January, 2002 in order to discuss licensing terms for the technology which allows users to play back video-audio at slower and faster speeds. The two parties entered into a NDA in February 2002, which expired on February, 2006.

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Motorola has went ahead and filed a lawsuit against Apple for infringing on upto seven patents with the International Trade Commission (ITC), even as Apple and Samsung are battling it out in one of the most important battles in tech history.

According to a report by Bloomberg, now Google owned Motorola has claimed that various Apple devices infringe upto seven patents owned by them, which involves location reminders, email notifications, phone / video players and Siri’s voice recognition program.


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The new iPhone 5 rumors are just getting more intense and detailed by the day. A rumor about the larger battery just a few hours back and here we have another leaked image. This time it’s the hotly debated dock connector on which the tech fraternity has not been able to put a definite number.

We have already heard rumors about the 19 pin dock connector and the 9 pin ones as well. But this time a French blog Nowhereelse.fr has come up with images depicting a much smaller dock connector, which appears to be an 8 pin one instead of the widely rumored 19 pin or the 9 pin ones. Though we are not entirely surprised as we had earlier reported of the possibility of an 8 pin dock connector as well.

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Apple has finally got rid of the widely criticized Genius ads from the Olympics. Now, whether it is based on the strong reaction of the critics and fans or just because they were intended only for a “first run” during the Olympics as being claimed by TBWA, it doesn’t matter.

The fact remains that these ads were not at all effective. With the new Genius ads, Apple had moved away from their tradition of focusing on the product and rather promoted their service which didn’t quite sync with the target audience, resulting in wide criticism across the globe.

Google greatly benefited from this fiasco by Apple as their ads of the Nexus 7 were appreciated and considered to be much more effective in comparison to Apple.

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It’s no secret that Apple’s line of Macbook Air’s are selling like hot cakes in the market and the rest of the Windows based manufacturers are trying to play catch up with Apple like portable Ultrabooks. And Apple does not seem to like it at all.

So much so that, Apple is reportedly pressurizing its overseas device assembler, Pegatron to stop producing the Zenbook from Asus, which is very similar to the Macbook Air in design. In fact, report from the China Times seems to suggest that Apple has asked Pegatron to choose sides or risk losing its business with Apple. [click to continue…]

There are new rumors doing the rounds suggesting that Apple is in the process of screening apps that are graphics intensive for iPad 3 onstage demos and commercials.

We have already heard of various rumors which strongly suggest that the iPad 3 will be launched by Apple in an event in the first week of March.

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Well in a twist of tale, the higher regional court in Düsseldorf Germany has upheld the ban on the original Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Germany.

This effectively means that Samsung will not be able to sell the tablet anytime soon in Germany. While passing the verdict the court ruled that the Samsung tablet’s design is very similar to that of the Apple iPad registered with the Community Design. [click to continue…]

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