One of the world’s leading smartphone manufacturer, Apple, has added another feature to help its customers know exactly where their near and dear ones are.
Founded in 2008, Coherent Navigation was a small firm that focused on creating commercial navigation services based on partnerships with companies like Boeing and Iridium, the satellite network operator, according to a description on the LinkedIn page of Paul Lego, the company’s former chief executive. [click to continue…]

Who doesn’t like to play Solitaire game on their PC? Everyone who owns a Windows PC/Laptop has played Solitaire Game at least once. Be it at the workplace,school or even while travelling.
Today,the very much admired Solitaire game is turning 25 and to mark this special occasion, Microsoft has announced that it will be hosting a global Solitaire tournament! Yes, you read it right! A Global Solitaire Tournament!


The first tournament has kicked off and is being played between Microsoft employees.
Players will have the choice of competing in five different game modes which include FreeCell, Spider and the classic version known as “Klondike.”
The game will be open to everyone throughout the globe in early June and the players will be facing same game challenges as faced by the Microsoft employees.
“You’ll be challenged to bring your best to defeat our best.” says the company referring to the tournament.
The other details of the tournament are yet to be revealed by Microsoft.
So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and start practicing the Solitaire game! Who knows, you might turn out to be the winner!


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Arunachal Pradesh is in talks with the global giant Google to run a pilot for deploying Google’s new affordable Chromebook XOLO laptops for the state’s school system. The laptop by Google runs on the Google’s Chrome Operating System. Chromebook is designed with the intention of working on the internet with most of the data and applications residing ‘in the cloud’. This pilot project is proposed to be run in Itanagar and Ziro.     [click to continue…]

Ali Jannati, stated that the Iran’s government is in intentions to ‘open’ Iran up to the world. He mentioned that the new delivery system will ignore the political borders thus making the censorship measures are redundant.

He quoted to the media that in the past, through pressuring the media or guiding the information, they could direct public news and have complete control over it. He continued telling that, things have changed dramatically and they no longer can control the media also claiming that it’s impossible, both technically and geographically.

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Tired of running out of memory or transferring content via iTunes to your favorite Apple device? Worry no more, the Sandisk iXpand is here to make all your data storage and transfer problems go away.

The iXpand Flash Drive was launched along with a host of other devices by Sandisk recently. It acts as an expandable storage option for Apple iPhone and iPad users working in the same way as USB On The Go drives work for Android devices. The iXpand works as a dual flash drive which can plug into your system and phone with ease. Perhaps, the best feature of iXpand is that it can transfer files to your iOS device without iTunes. There are three variants which will be sold in the market based on capacity. The 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB capacity iXpand flash drives will cost Rs 4,490, Rs 5,990, Rs 7,990 and Rs 11,490 respectively. [click to continue…]

If you have ever used the internet, which is obvious since you are reading this post then you should support net neutrality. First, let us know what net neutrality means- Net Neutrality simply means that all content and data should be treated equal. It is a global principle of keeping internet freedom intact. Now you would be wondering that who would take your freedom? Your Internet Service Provider (ISP).


ISPs want to act as a gatekeeper since it will bump their revenues and benefit big corporations. The small companies will not get a fair chance to survive and prosper. Telecom providers are opposing Net Neutrality since their costs have increased and they need to develop different strategies to earn profits.

Now you might be wondering what the Government is doing? Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has issued a consultation paper of 118 pages which contains 20 questions. No, I am not telling you to read so many pages. As a responsible citizen you just have to log on to and click on ‘Respond To TRAI’. You just have to mail the auto-response to TRAI.

Basically the only platform where you can express your feelings freely i.e. the Internet, will no longer be accessible the way you like if you don’t take action. If you lose your money, you can earn it again but if you lose your freedom then no one can save you. It’s the time to fight for our rights!

Slice Intelligence, a shopping research firm in the United States has estimated nearly 1 million pre-orders for the Apple Watch on the first day it was available, with most going for the cheapest model.  The shopping research firm further said that e-receipt data from 9,080 online shoppers indicate 957,000 people in the U.S. pre-ordered the Apple Watch on Friday. On average, people ordered more than 1 watch (1.3), spending an average $503.83 a watch. An estimated 62% purchased the less-expensive Sport model. Customers buying the sport version spent $382.83 a watch; others spent $707.04 for a mid-tier Apple Watch. [click to continue…]

The Apple Watch was recently handed over to reviewers and technology journalists by Apple for a week and the overall sentiment is positive with some shortcomings. Most of the reviewing fraternity agree that the Apple Watch is a device for the future whereas some have hailed it as an epic product. Overall the watch is deemed as sleek and stylish but not something you can’t do without.  The Apple Watch is scheduled to arrive in US markets in this month and should  hit Indian shores in June. [click to continue…]

Scientists have invented a new solution that could fuel various energy applications, from personal electronics to grid storage. The researchers have detailed their findings in the journal Nature. A team lead by chemistry professor Hongjie Dai at Stanford University in California made a breakthrough by accidentally discovering that graphite made a good partner to aluminium, Stanford said in a statement. The new technology uses aluminium battery which lasts for more than 7500 cycles which is the best performance ever for a Aluminium based battery. The prototype consists of a soft pouch, containing aluminium for one electrode and a graphite foam for the other – all surrounded by a special liquid salt. [click to continue…]

The Amazon Kindle Voyage is an advanced version of its original reader. It exhibits the same screen size (6-inch) as the Kindle Paperwhite, but the display resolution is quite high in comparison; around 300 pixels per inch. The screen has an even glass covering to make it scratch resistant. According to amazon the texture of the glass is designed to match the texture of paper. Along with these things, there is also a new revised front light sensor that can automatically dim or light up the brightness of the screen based on the survey of the environmental lighting, a feature just like smartphones. [click to continue…]

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