The South Florida Company Magic Leap which is led by a successful tech entrepreneur, Rony Abovitz is promising “cinematic reality”.

Speculations are Google and other investors are planning to invest $500 Million. Andreessen Horowitz may also be one of the investors. Magic Leap already announced $50 Million funding earlier this year.

Although Abovitz and Magic Leap have been very secretive about their product specifications, they say they can deliver a more realistic 3-D experience than any current technology including Oculus Rift. Oculus Rift was bought by Facebook earlier this year for $2 billion. Is it Facebook Vs Google again?

Abovitz refrained from giving out much information due to the competition. But, Abovitz has given a teaser of how Magic Leap would be through their app called Hour Blue. The app Hour Blue was used during the Comic Con [click to continue…]

The smartphone industry giant, Samsung has developed Wi-Fi technology which will have 5 times more speed than the usual. The 60 Ghz Wi-fi technology will enable a 1 GB movie to be transferred in less than three seconds within devices. I will take more time to search that movie in my files, Samsung! While, uncompressed HD videos can be streamed easily from mobile devices and TV in real time without any delay.

Samsung has overcome this problem by making alterations to the design of the circuit and by leveraging millimeter-waves which previously were susceptible to path loss and had weak penetration properties resulting in poor signal. To support it, they are using the high performing modems and the best antennas. By doing so, Samsung’s new technology removes [click to continue…]

In an attempt to address the concern of slow wireless connection of mobile internet users, Google has announced a streamlined version of search results, specifically for India.

This news comes a month after the release of the Android One series of mobile phones in India, which aims to revolutionize the Indian Smartphone market by providing affordable Smartphone’s to all. Google has taken another step in the direction of strengthening its position in India, by launching a lighter version of its search page which will optimize the results for Smartphone users with slow internet speeds. India is one of the fastest growing Internet economies in the world and most of this growth is driven by mobile, thus mobile Internet usage is a bigger priority In India than anywhere else in the globe.

Google Search India

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Apple’s newly launched iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are now available for preorder at online as well as offline stores. Starting from 17th October, both the phones can be bought in a store near you. The official prices as per authorized partners are as follows:

iPhone 6

16GB – Rs. 53,500

64GB – Rs. 62,500

128GB – Rs. 71,500

iPhone 6 Plus

16GB – Rs. 62,500

64GB – Rs. 71,500

128GB – Rs. 80,500 [click to continue…]

Apple launched the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus as the successor to the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C at an event held at the Flint Center. After going on sale on in 10 countries on 19th September, 2014 and an additional 20 on 26th September, 2014. Soon after the hullabaloo of the 10 million phones sold in the opening week, reports of the iPhone 6 Plus bending began to surface. Unbox Therapy’s video which he showed how the iPhone 6 Plus bent with the sheer pressure of his hands went viral. Even though Apple claimed that it didn’t affect more than 9 people, rival companies did their best to mock Apple. Here is who did what —

An image showing the iPhone Plus 6 bending to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 went viral. Although there is no confirmation if the image was officially made by Samsung. Image courtesy – GSMArena

samsunggate [click to continue…]

So 2 days before the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus go on sale, reviews from various top publications in the US are out. Below are a few synopsis, followed by what we make of them —

iphone 6 image


Apple has outdone itself with the iPhone 6’s design – despite gaining a significant amount of screen real estate, it doesn’t feel huge compared to its predecessor, and it’s still a very easy device to use one-handed. If Apple has faltered anywhere with design, it might be that protruding iSight camera lens on the back, which sticks out a tiny fraction of an inch thicker than the rest. [click to continue…]

One look at the Flint Centre, and no one would say that it is a tech event. It was touted to be Apple’s biggest keynote in a while as this was the first time Apple CEO Tim Cook was launching a new product line. So did he pass the litmus test or not? Here is a rundown of what happened at Flint Centre and how good/bad it was:

iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus 

Apple had to finally give in to the demand for big screen phones and hence it launched two new successors to the iPhone 5S. The first one is the iPhone 6 which has 4.7 inch screen whereas the second is called the iPhone 6 plus which sports a 5.5 inch screen. Both the phones are very similar in terms of features and the only thing that sets the 6 plus apart is the resolution and the camera.

The iPhone 6 has a 1334×750 resolution at 326 ppi and Digital Image Stabilization whereas the iPhone 6 Plus has a 1920×1080 resolution at 401 ppi and Optical Image Stabilization. Other specs like the A8 chip with 64-bit architecture, M8 motion processor, 8-megapixel iSight camera with 1.5µ pixels, ƒ/2.2 aperture, etc remain the same for both. Like the 5S, the 6 and 6 Plus will be available in Space Gray, Silver and Gold colours.

iphone 6plus [click to continue…]

Apple is known to launch a new smartphone every fall. This year we await the iPhone 6. As expected, there have N number of rumours about the new iPhone. Last year Apple brought a new line of plastic body iPhones called the iPhone 5c. We aren’t sure if that lineup will continue, but for the flagship 5s, the expected list of upgrades is huge.

Below is a list of features, we expect the iPhone 6 to have –

Bigger Screen

Phones displays are getting bigger by the day. Today, the average screen size of a phone would be in the range of 4.7-5 inches. Apple has definitely been losing out on customers due to the small screen size of previous generation iPhones. Hence, most likely the iPhone 6 will have a bigger screen. Rumours say that Apple will launch two variant – a 4.7 inches and a 5.5 inches iPhone. This will allow the iPhone 6 to compete with the Samsung Galaxy S5 (5.1 inches), Sony Xperia Z2 (5.2 inches), LG G3 (5.5 inches) and Nokia Lumia 930 Windows 8 (5 inches).



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Did you know your phone can be a ticket to saving a lot of money? How? By using apps which help you track your expenses, get best prices on products, track coupons and data usage so that you don’t go over budget.

So here is a list of 9 apps which can help you save time and money: [click to continue…]

As an entrepreneur you face the constant pressure to stay on top of your business and are greatly responsible for everything that happens. So, being able to work on the go is one of the skills you ought to master. But it’s not always possible to work off your laptop, especially while travelling or meeting people. This is where your iPhone can come in handy! Here is a list of 8 useful apps which can help you keep a check on things at all times:

1. Highrise

Highrise is a customer relations management app that helps you keep track of all the interactions you have or are having with your customers. With Highrise, you can check a client’s profile, his preferences and his history with your company, in just a few clicks!

The UI is sleek and easy to use. The app has an in-built audio player, which helps you record and store voice notes for every contact. Also, you can view any file type that is attached to the notes or emails right from the app.

When you launch the app, it will download your contacts and tasks to the app database. The fun part is, that while you wait for the download to take place, you can play tic-tac-toe. The download progress bar remains at the bottom while you tap your time away trying to beat the computer . [click to continue…]

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