Walking down the street now-a-days gives us scenes with heads tilted down and fingers occupied. Everyone is busy with their smartphones. Companies tout about their smooth capacitive touchscreens and GUI designed for hassle free use. But one of the biggest frustrations for the disabled community is the technology being inept for them to use it. Addressing these difficulties, an Israel based company, Sesame Enable has designed a touch-free smartphone for the differently-abled community. [click to continue…]

Lately, anything related to iPhone 6 is grabbing much attention, isn’t it? Apple, after launching its much awaited big screen devices, ousted its rival Samsung in China. It reported record earnings for the last quarter and was also reported as the most preferred luxurious brand for gifting. With iPhone 6 Plus, Apple has gained a lot of user share all around the world. Talking more on iPhone 6 Plus is an annual report by Citrix.



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According to a mobile analyst firm Juniper Research, a total of about 375 million smartphone shipments occurred in the fourth quarter of 2014. The annual total of over 1.2 billion smartphones being shipped was also reported. This showcases a 29 percent overall growth in smartphone sector when compared to last year.


When keeping Android, iOS and Windows all under the same roof, Android bags the largest share of users. Android accounted for about 81 percent of all smartphones shipped out last year. Other reports suggest that [click to continue…]

This new year hasn’t started well for Samsung. Samsung Electronics, the world’s largest smartphone maker, until now reported its first drop in annual net profits since the past three years. This looks more grim when you consider the fact that Apple reported the largest corporate earnings in history.

Samsung reported a 27 percent decline in quarterly earnings for the period of October to December making it fifth consecutive quarterly decline. The tech giant said to gross a net profit of KRW 5.5 trillion (about $4.9 billion), compared to KRW 7.3 trillion made last year. This means Samsung suffers a dip of 23.2 percent in its net profit earnings for the past quarter. And overall Samsung said to make a profit of KRW 25 trillion for the year 2014, which dipped from KRW 36.8 trillion for the year of 2013.


Annual profit figures took a reverse gear while Samsung faced fierce competition for its throne by Apple. Also other home grown competitors like Huawei, Lenovo and Xiaomi have left no stone unturned to put a dent. [click to continue…]

YouTube on Thursday announced the new offline feature for Indian users that allows them to download videos from the YouTube app itself for offline viewing. The update has been rolled out to both the Android as well as iOS users, three months after their official announcement during the Android One launch in September this year.

Screenshot_2014-12-11-17-05-55 Screenshot_2014-12-11-17-06-06

The update has not been done On-Air and one needs to go to Play Store and update the app. [click to continue…]

Apple has a somewhat uphill battle to win back the smartphone war. Yes, let’s admit it that they have fallen behind and in their own words “Consumers Want What We Don’t Have”. As smartphone market explodes across the globe, Apple is finding it hard to stay relevant in emerging markets. India and China are large mobile markets. The sheer number of people living outside the United States makes the global play important. A lot of what Apple does is magic in US, but does it work globally?

Apple iPhone 5

Why Small Screens Is A Problem

Apple has relatively smaller screens on its smartphones today. Android has taken the smartphone screen to over 5″ and anything below 4.5″ isn’t really a flagship phone anymore. While Apple need not compete with Android on specs, but consumers now want larger screens. Imagine an entry level consumer who uses a Micromax Canvas phone with 5″ screen. It costed him Rs 10,000. Over the years he would upgrade and as he looks to get a high end smartphone, he is already used to LARGE screens that that would eliminate iPhone from his choice list. Evolving smartphone users are used to large screens, apart from that Androids ecosystem has them covered very well with Dual SIM and Free apps. Small screens is becoming a vicious circle for Apple.  [click to continue…]

While Appel did budge and increase the size of the Apple iPhone with the iPhone 5, however a 4″ screen in 2014 isn’t the right size? Has the market moved away from Apple’s magical iPhone screen size? Something that was gigantic back in 2007 even with 3.5″ surface.

Retina Display

In documents submitted to the court during the ongoing Samsung vs Apple patent battle, it has come to light that Apple has been fretting over the iPhone screen size falling short of popular demand. Cheap Android devices with 5″ screens have become very popular with manufacturers like Micromax making the most of this opportunity. [click to continue…]

In yesterday’s launch of Facebook Home, Mark Zuckerberg was quite keen on stressing about the openness of Android OS as a whole that made it possible to develop Facebook home that allows to make some deep system level customisations. When asked about the possibility of extending Facebook Home to iOS users, Zuckerberg was quite non-committal saying that the experience of Google’s Android platform cannot be seen anywhere else. When questioned about iOS users to get to use Facebook Home, Zuckerberg had positive views about Apple as such saying that they had a great experience with Apple so far but he assured that unless and until some kind of partnership happens with Apple they cant extended something like Facebook Home to iOS users.

FAcebook home

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Many times, it so happens that your Android phone’s auto rotation stops working. And there are quite many devices that do not provide the option of calibrating the G-sensors.  What do we do to solve this? Here is a solution I happened to come across by hit-and-trial.

Requirements : a rooted phone, better if it has CWM Recovery. Those who are not understanding a word from either of the above, please stay from this article.


1) If u do not have a working CWM, then you will be required to download an application called Titanium Backup / Pro.

2) Allow the application the SU (Superuser) right.

3) Select the options menu, tap the option that says Clear Dalvik Cache.

4) Reboot you android and this should work!

Same can be done using Link2SD (PlayStore link provided : app is free).

Now those who have a working CWM and do not want to download any app, go to the recovery mode, select advanced using volume rocker buttons to scroll and power button to select, similarly select Clean Dalvik Cache.
This should help in getting back your auto-rotate. [click to continue…]

Many Android tablets are currently boasting about the presence of a fully functional USB port to allow you to connect to your flash drives or dongles. And obviously, for this extra feature, they are charging more.

However here is workaround for that, which may help you save that bit of money, as published on CNET. The workaround is quite simple. A cheap cable called the On-The-Go cable, popularly known as the OTG cable. Well, if you haven’t heard about it, don’t worry, we are here to help you on it.

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