The world’s largest PC maker along with being an emerging PC Plus leader, Lenovo has now launched the Yoga Tablet 2. On 18th May, in a press report the company stated that the tablet is supported with the AnyPen Technology. This technology lets the tablet adapt to anyone’s work and play as this innovation by Lenovo permits a user to use any ball point pen or pencil and draw or take notes directly on the tablet. [click to continue…]

After making it’s name with its Kindle e-reader and Fire HD tablet, E-commerce giant Amazon now plans to give Google and Facebook a shot. The company recently announced that it is now launching a new advertising platform for mobile app developers.

Through this platform Amazon aims to promote applications that are present on the Amazon Appstore or the Google Play. Amazon’s spokeswoman Lyn Hart stated that they work with many developers that support merchandising and advertising across their platforms and devices. She said that they believed that many developers will benefit from it.

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Lately telecom service providing companies have been concentrating on providing internet data plans at prices lower than ever. There are projects to even provide free internet access to the masses like Facebook’s It has been launched in India in partnership with Reliance Telecom. BSNL too launched free WiFi services at ghats of Varanasi with an intent to penetrate into towns and villages. With similar plans, Videocon has plans to offer 4G data services at 2G/3G rates to encourage a fast adoption rate. Along with this, the telco is prepping up to offer bundled plans for smartphones.


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To the ones who don’t have much idea about Google’s Project Zero, here is a quick read. Project Zero is the name of a team of security analysts employed by Google tasked with finding zero-day exploits. Bugs found by the Project Zero team are reported to the owner/manufacturer and only made public once a patch is released or if 90 days have passed and no patch has been released.

The 90-day deadline is Google’s way of implementing responsible disclosure, giving software companies 90 days to fix a problem before making it open in public so that the users themselves can take necessary steps to avoid attacks and malware. [click to continue…]

HTC recently sent out invitations for this year’s Mobile World Congress(MWC) in Barcelona. The invitation claimed 1st of March will be the day on which the world will see what’s upcoming from the Taiwanese company. A host of other Android phones are also expected to release during the MWC, 2015. While HTC has refrained from revealing more information, all signs point to the imminent release of the One M9 and a smartwatch.

The HTC One line of devices are known for their premium styling, strong all-metal industrial design and the Sense custom user interface. The One M7 and M8 received good user reviews although the camera on both fell short of expectations. [click to continue…]

Amidst the revolutionary phase of smartphones, wearable technology is advancing at an exciting pace. With lots of news catching up on wearable technology, Google shared its plans over its ambitious yet exciting project, Google Glass. Google announced that Glass Explorer edition would no longer be available. Google also announced that it is working on an upgraded Google Glass 2 which calmed down the shocked tech enthusiasts.

While breaking the news about the discontinuation of the product, Google said that it will come up with the future versions of the Google Glass as and when they’re ready. This means that the project has not been scrapped but is now operational in the backyards of Google  [click to continue…]

Like last year, this year too YouGov BrandIndex has come out with the list of the most positively perceived brands. Apple after losing its position in 2013 has managed to stand on the sixth spot in this year’s brand perception poll. YouGov BrandIndex is a brand quality measurement firm which has obtained these results by polling more than a million U.S adults. These brands are rated by using the YouGov BrandIndex’s Buzz score which is obtained by asking the respondents about the brands. The respondents are asked if they’ve heard anything about the brand through advertising, news or word of mouth in the past two weeks, and if yes, was it positive or negative.

1.5us_overall_top_buzz_0From the picture above, Amazon ranked first with a highest score of 29.7. [click to continue…]

Apple has bagged a new patent by the USPTO for a remote digital camera with a remote control. The technology is based on the IP it acquired from Kodak which details a camera system which can be controlled by a smart watch. In this case, it could be referring to the Apple Watch. Apple’s Patent aims to rectify the flaws in the design of the already available portable cameras like the competitors Go Pro HD Hero2 camera.

The patent mentions that the GoPro HD Hero2 camera includes only a single image capturing system, which captures images using an optical axis directed from the front of the camera.

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Last year, Apple and Reliance had launched the Reliance Zero plans for iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S with zero down payment making them highly desirable. Is Apple planning the same this year? The news of Reliance Communications coming up with Zero Payment plans for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus was first reported back in October but after that there has been no such official announcements by Reliance nor Apple regarding it.

However, it seems that the Reliance Zero Plans might be just around the corner as Apple’s India website now has a link to Reliance’s official online eShop home page. But, after visiting the Reliance eShop site, the website neither has the iPhone 6 nor the iPhone 6 Plus listed under its Zero Plan offers. This may perhaps suggest that the offer is still in its final stage and waiting for its official announcement. [click to continue…]

YouTube on Thursday announced the new offline feature for Indian users that allows them to download videos from the YouTube app itself for offline viewing. The update has been rolled out to both the Android as well as iOS users, three months after their official announcement during the Android One launch in September this year.

Screenshot_2014-12-11-17-05-55 Screenshot_2014-12-11-17-06-06

The update has not been done On-Air and one needs to go to Play Store and update the app. [click to continue…]

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