Over the past few weeks there have been multiple controversies running in China against Apple. First it was a campaign against Apple on Chinese local twitter alternative where furious celebrities ranted against Apple. Then it was a open advertisement from state owned Chinese TV media against Apple claiming Apple showing severe discrimination against Chinese consumers and then it was a local media house suing Apple over infringement of intellectual digital property that is being sold on iTunes by some third party vendors. Tech websites have been speculating that even when Apple is offering similar policies in China as it is in US Chinese government is intentionally trying to dethrone Apple in a move to encourage local manufacturers like Lenovo and Huawei.

Tim Cook

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Apple’s long time rival has been Samsung in the smartphone segment but with the rumoured X Phone from Motorola things might change in favour of Motorola and away from Samsung. One of the most haunting thing about Android is lack of software updates, even the best of the flagship devices fail to provide early updates and in most of the cases totally cease to provide updates after a year or so. But the scenario is quite different for Nexus devices that are controlled by Google directly but manufactured by various OEMs. Most of the Nexus devices get an early update and are supported with timely updates for a period of two to three years. Apart from that, the stock look of Android is more appealing that the skinned version which adds unnecessary noise.

Motorola x phone

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Freemium model is on the rise and app developers including major labels are increasingly moving towards it lately. Before, there were only two category of apps in the beginning, either a free app that earns via ads or paid apps that charge a one time fee. But one major problem in paid apps is that the developers won’t earn anything once the app is purchased, to bypass this many apps are being designed in a way to push it out in high number by giving it out for free and then charge the users for nitty gritty purchases in the app. This might not ensure of a guaranteed income from all users but the overall earnings seems to be better this way.

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Apple has been sued recently by a group of people in the US claiming that Apple does not have an effective system to authenticate in-app purchases and protect users from accidental purchases. So, Apple finally updated all their App Store listings with a clear warning sign indicating that the app offers in-app purchases.

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Well, it is nothing new to hear about the vast range of applications and uses an iPad has but it is definitely new to hear a clinic prescribing an iPad app to his patients. A clinic in US, Cleveland Clinic, has launched its new iPad app named Today which basically provides access to patient’s electronic medical records (EMR), a feature to request an appointment with the clinic’s doctors, find more details about the clinic’s doctors, health and wellness tops, healthy recipes, quizzes and videos. The app is being provided for free of cost to app users but certain parts of the app like EMR and appointment scheduling are exclusively reserved for the clinic’s patients.

Today app

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WhatsApp, the popular cross platform messenger that has risen to fame on par with BlackBerry’s native system, BBM, is soon going to be moving to a subscription based model in a move to generate more revenue out from iOS users. Currently WhatsApp is running as a subscription based model on all platforms, Android, Symbian and Windows Phone, where users pay a mere $1 per year after free usage for the first year. But on iOS it is currently being offered as a one time payment app for a mere $0.99.


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We all watched this on hollywood movies, perhaps some James Bond or a fancy Sci-Fi movie. It always aroused a special inquisitiveness as to when it will be available. A transparent 3D Computer, that allows one to physically move folders and files around in the air.

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Now I feel proud to inform all the readers that it has finally taken birth! That’s right! A transparent computer, named SpaceTop 3D Desktop that allows users to reach inside and touch digital content has been unveiled at the Technology, Education and Design (TED) conference in Los Angeles. [click to continue…]

Now those who have had hands on Galaxy Note 2, here is a twin brother for the Android device, Galaxy Note 8.0. Samsung confirmed the news about the new Note Series device with on-board Jelly Bean 4.1.2 that has similar looks as its predecessor, but with improved hardware support and with calling facility. An updated version of Note 2, with a larger screen was inevitable.  But that extra inch (now 8 inches) of the 1280 X 800 TFT screen isn’t all that you need to watch out.

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Folks from over at have started selling the just announced iPad Mini in India. The online retail shop has issued a press release announcing the same. The iPad Mini was announced just a few days ago at an event held at San Jose, California and is slated to go on sale in various countries of the globe starting today. India however is not on the list of countries where the iPad Mini would go on sale officially and it would be some months before we get to see the shrunken iPad in its official avatar here.

Apple iPad Mini

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Apple’s latest generation smartphone, the iPhone 5 will finally go on sale in India starting November 2, 2012. Ingram Micro, a global IT Supply chain management company would be the wholesale distributor for the iPhone 5 in India. Pricing details though are yet to be officially announced.

iPhone 5 White

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It is now almost certain that Apple would be announcing a new mini iPad on the scheduled event at San Jose later today. What we are now hearing from usually trustworthy sources is that the mini iPad will be on sale and would start shipping from November 2, just a week after the announcement.

This is coming from a little birdie who passed on the vital information to TechCrunch. If that wasn’t all there have been a couple of other websites too that have reported November 2 as the launch date for the mini iPad.

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