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9to5Mac reported that Apple’s next generation both mobile devices along with PCs will be focusing on zapping bugs and also improving stability. The report stated that the iOS 9 will feature a new optimization method which will support the older hardware made by the company, even the ones which aren’t on sale anymore. This includes the iPad mini along with the iPhone 4S. The report stated that Apple is now building a core version of iOS 9 which will run on devices with the older A5 processor after which they will enable features one-by-one.   [click to continue…]

Smartphones and Phablets are constantly gaining popularity in common circles. On the other hand, users are reluctant to get new tablets or upgrade them with a newer version. Resulting in worldwide tablet shipment plummeting by 12 percent, to read 67 million units for fourth quarter of 2014. This, according to Canalys, is its first ever decline following several quarters of slowing demands.

As the worldwide tablet market suffers a decline, Apple iPad sales too took a slow track in the last quarter of 2014. This was the fourth quarter in a row for Apple’s iPad demand declining. Previously during the fourth quarter of 2013, the sales saw a temporary raise in sales on account of [click to continue…]

Apple’s two new iPads – The iPad Air 2 and the iPad Mini 3 have finally hit the stores today. These products were live on Flipkart and Infibeam for pre-orders a week before. To purchase it from a retailer near to you, you can use the Apple Store Finder to find the shops. Apple will also continue to sell it online through it’s e-commerce partner sites like Flipkart and Infibeam. Flipkart is offering next-day delivery on iPads for for a shipping fee of Rs.90 but if you order it from their mobile app, you can avail free shipping to selective cities. Inifibeam is offering next day free shipping across India.


The higher end iPad Air 2 comes in two different variants: The Wi-Fi and the Wi-Fi + 3G model. The prices for the iPad Air 2 starts from Rs.35,900 which is a 16 GB Wi-fi model, [click to continue…]

iPhone users are mostly considered immune to malware and viruses. There are risks involved when you jailbreak your phone, but thanks to the tight controls of the App Store, finding iOS malware is almost impossible. So, if you didn’t jailbreak your phone you simply don’t have to worry about any virus. Until now!


Security researchers at Palto Alto Networks have found a new family of malware called Wirelurker. It is called Wire Lurker because of its ability to sense when you connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer running OS X. The malware is speeding through the Maiyadi App Store which is a third party source for OS X software in China. [click to continue…]

When Steve Jobs launched the iPod in October 2001 and claimed that it was a breakthrough device for digital music, most trade pundits wrote him and the iPod off owing to its price ($399 then). But within in a few years, the iPod really took off and was termed as one of the biggest innovations in technology. Like many critics said — only Steve Jobs could prove the Beatles wrong. Apple also classified them into categories like Shuffle, Classic, Nano and Touch. [click to continue…]

When the iPad launched in 2010, Apple competitors were taken by surprise. They were still dealing with the iPhone revolution and Apple re-invented another product category that no one was concentrating on. The handheld industry was never the same again.

Samsung was the first one to respond with a underpowered and poorly optimized 7″ Samsung Galaxy Tab. It bombed for all practical purposes with poor reviews all around. However Samsung had sales numbers to throw at the public that made us feel that the Tab was successful. They reported sales of 2 million Galaxy Tab tablets while the true figures released during recent patent trials in US courts was at around 1 million units. These figures as as per Samsung’s own internal documents.  [click to continue…]

Well, it is nothing new to hear about the vast range of applications and uses an iPad has but it is definitely new to hear a clinic prescribing an iPad app to his patients. A clinic in US, Cleveland Clinic, has launched its new iPad app named Today which basically provides access to patient’s electronic medical records (EMR), a feature to request an appointment with the clinic’s doctors, find more details about the clinic’s doctors, health and wellness tops, healthy recipes, quizzes and videos. The app is being provided for free of cost to app users but certain parts of the app like EMR and appointment scheduling are exclusively reserved for the clinic’s patients.

Today app

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Apple iPad display shipments plunged by an alarming 81% in January 2013 says iSuppli, this can be attributed to various reasons including a global fall in demand for large LCD displays. Apple in general has a commitment of minimum number of display purchases per year from its suppliers to get a better pricing so this might be effect of an adjustment made due to lesser demand of large screen iPads and heavy orders in December 2012. The suppliers will manufacture only the difference amount of displays in January. The phenomenon is not unique only for iPad displays but the same trend has been witnessed across other sized tablet displays as well including the 8.9″ displays used for Kindle Fire HD which declined by a even higher percentage of 91%.

ipad LCD display

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Each one is different. Different in shape, different in size, different in colour, and different in the feel and smoothness in action. Before I let you wander your minds somewhere else, we are talking about the Stylus business. Today, there is a huge crowd of styluses in the market. From Samsung bringing in its revamped S-pen for the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 to Targus, the stylus that makes your non-touchscreen Windows 8 machines into a touch responsive screen, with just plug-and-play.

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Last month’s earnings call had a interesting bit of news about iPad  Mini sales being cannibalised by iPad sales from Apple’s CEO Tim Cook. When questioned about Apple’s newer products cannibalising the older products Tim Cook said that they are happy about it because if not for Apple someone else would cater that category of customers. Over the last few years numbers proved that MacBook sales have been seriously declining and iPad sales were rapidly growing, the same phenomena was witnessed last month when the sales of LCD panels for iPad has been estimated. The number of panels of size 7.9 inches rose over 5 million whereas the number of panels of size 9.7 inches declined to 1.3 million from 7.4 million.

ipad and ipad mini

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