For making the iPhone more useful, helpful and productive a new mobile application ‘Shuffle’ has been launched. This app lets the user create additional disposable phone numbers which can be used to call or text alongside receive voice mail from the iPhone. This application has turned out to be a competitor to ‘Burner’ which has been providing similar functions and alongside is also a longtime favorite. But to be better and more popular ‘Shuffle’ takes things a little further by allowing users to create email aliases which forward mail to the user’s inbox.   [click to continue…]

World Aids Day which is on 1st December, 2014 is a worldwide initiative taken up to spread awareness about the fatal disease. People all over the world unite by wearing a red ribbon on their left hand side. It is worn to show support to the ones who are suffering, and sympathies to the ones who couldn’t make through it. To make a mark on a larger scale, Apple has decided to wear a red ribbon too. Apple with support of the leading app developers are giving its users a convenient way to help (RED) acheive its goal of an Aids-free world. (RED) founded by Bono and Bobby Shriver is an organization which is fighting for an Aids-Free generation. Apple previously had raised $75 million for the same cause over the past eight years.


Starting from today (24/11/2014) to Sunday (7/12/2014), Apple’s App Store will include Apps for (RED) section which will offer 25 apps which consists of exclusive (RED) inspired content created by the developers of these apps. Anyone purchasing these apps or any in-app purchases from  any apps/games will be directly donated to the Global Fund raising program without Apple taking any share from it. [click to continue…]

So Uber India isn’t the only one tieing up with local payment partners to reach more consumers (and comply with the laws), Apple yesterday announced that it will allow it’s Chinese customers to make app store purchases through UnionPay. UnionPay is China’s one of the popular credit and debit card system and holds a virtual monopoly on processing payments between merchants, banks and credit card companies. It has issued more than 4.5 billion cards in China and operates in all cities.

Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice president of Internet Software and Services has responded to its customers in China by providing an easy payment option as this was one of the most requested feature by its customers in China. [click to continue…]

I have been using Nexus 4 since few days now. And completely loving the way how far Android has come down to. It’s been an amazing experience on this device. Nevertheless, there are so many great features which Apple could pick from Android to improve App Store in iOS 7. First, we all know how HTML interface of App Store sucks. It takes significant time even on high speed internet connection for the UI to surface once the app is opened. Of course, there’s a workaround to make it work faster, but then it remains a mess for many people.


I figured out that there are many ways by which Apple could learn from Play Store or Android and improve App Store for the future. Some of them are listed below –

Ability to install Applications from the iTunes Store (web interface)

This feature has been on Android from quite sometime now. For those who don’t know, you could install applications from the web as well on your phone without even touching your smartphone. I admire this feature a lot. For example, if i’m on my Macbook and found out an app link on Twitter or Facebook, all i could do is to directly use the link to install app on my device. That’s it, i don’t even need to open Play Store on my device, search and then install. And your email account decides what device you own for the purpose to install apps seamlessly. [click to continue…]

Fiksu, a mobile app analytics firm released their latest reports on App download statistics for February 2013 saying that the number of downloads from top 200 apps on the App store for iPhone has declined by nearly 810,000 down to 5.2 million per day in February from 6.01 million per day in January which gave a strong holiday season sales figures. App developers spend huge amounts on advertising their apps during holiday season in an effort to tap new customers who purchase new devices, Fiksu says that the app discovery and visibility efforts continued well into January 2013 as well and fizzled out in February which gives a right indication of things to come for later part of the year.

fiksu 2 app store competitive usage

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Well, this doesn’t come in the form of surprise. But Apple’s approval process continue to lack in approving apps which doesn’t comply with their policies. There’s now another application on App Store which lets you delete system applications on your iOS device. In other words, you could hide all those pre-installed application which you don’t use anymore.


We think that the actual reason for HiddenApps app to go unnoticed from the eyes of reviewers is due to the fact that it offers much more functionalities if you simply neglect the name. Also, if you read the description of the application, it doesn’t say much about it. According to the developer, it’s an application that tells you tips and tricks about your iDevice. On the contrary, it does more than that. [click to continue…]

On Thursday, the US Patents and Trademarks office published details about three patents filed by Apple in the last two years that patent an exclusive system to sell and loan used Digital content like books, music and movies owned by users. The whole proposed system by Apple is quite similar to a system Amazon has patented (applied in 2009) recently with the only difference being Amazon is planning for a central market place like its Music store and Movies store unlike Apple which is planning for a decentralised peer to peer exchange system.

Apple patent

The whole system is more about managing the digital access rights of various owners of the same content and transferring the digital access rights to new owners. There is high probability that Apple might be taking help of its iCloud service to maintain all the digital content on cloud and provide cloud service to access the digital content rather than the content residing on the owners device. That way managing owner right sand restricting access will be much easier for Apple.

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Whenever we talk about listening Bollywood music online on an application, we tend to talk about Saavn as well. Currently, if you want to listen to music on Saavn, you need to have either a Wifi or 3G connection on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Although the quality of the songs which are being streamed is of decent quality, there’s no way for anyone to download them or listen to those songs offline.


In addition to it, if you are someone who travel a lot and your carrier doesn’t provide you with consistent 3G connectivity everywhere, you would probably face serious issues with Saavn application. To solve this issue, folks from Saavn have come up with a subscription based service which they are calling it as ‘Saavn Pro’ to let you download songs from within the cloud and then use them later for offline listening. [click to continue…]

After Twitter aggressively changed their guidelines and told developers to follow them strictly when their next API rolls out, many Twitter clients found themselves to be banned due to the same reason. Due to which a group of developers decided to make their own APIs and created an Ad-free social network which is now called ‘’. Built on the funding from people, the platform has now many members who use various clients on their mobile devices to remain connected. Netbot is an alternative of Tweetbot for


NetBot is currently available for free for a limited time. Otherwise, it’s priced on par with Tweetbot for iPhone. You should grab one if you use often. To join service, you would need to shell out $5 for a month with 10 GB of storage space, $36 for a year with the same storage space and $1000 if you are a developer. Considering the aesthetics and design, there’s not any Twitter client close to the Tweetbot and Netbot is exactly the replica of that. [click to continue…]

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