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Well, you must have definitely cursed Cocoanut for not updating Celeste for a while since its release in Cydia. But the tweak has been finally upgraded with some important updates and supports all firmware versions above iOS 4.3. Those who don’t know, Celeste is tweak which allows you to send files from your iPhone to devices of other vendors such as Blackberry, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, etc. It means that all those devices which supports file transfer over Bluetooth can exchange content from iPhone. [click to continue…]

Well, the search for iOS 4.3.4 untethered JailBreak has already started. As usual, iPad 2 will remain out of the list due to a different type of hardware implemented in device which make it non-vulnerable to bootrom exploits. On twitter, @i0n1c posted that we shouldn’t expect the release of an untethered JailBreak too early. Apple is not only closing the userland-JailBreak exploit through software updates but also adding legitimate checks. This is what makes it difficult for hackers to find a kernel patch.

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How many times does this happen that you forget to save the SHSH Blobs of the current firmware till Apple release the next ? – Not Anymore. iH8sn0w has released the much awaited tool known as ‘iFaith’ which was in development from a long time. It allows you to save the SHSH Blobs of your current firmware even if Apple is not signing it. In general, Apple doesn’t allow you to downgrade you device to older firmware once new is available for download. The saga started from the iPhone 3G S when certain errors occurred while restoring the device to previous versions.  [click to continue…]

TinyUmbrella has been recently updated to support iOS 4.3.3, the firmware released by Apple to fix the location tracking bug that stores the data in iDevice in an unencrypted format. Fortunately, the @ion1c exploit that existed even after the consequent releases of the firmwares has been implemented in the Redsn0w & Pwnage tool. TinyUmbrella lets you save the SHSH Blobs of you device, thus leading you to restore to the older firmware versions in future.  [click to continue…]

Yesterday, We had problems in saving SHSH Blobs for the iPhone/iPod Touch and the iPad. We tried the TinyUmbrella and iSHSH from the Cydia but nothing worked. On the same day itself, Apple also released a new version of iTunes 10.2.2 which included some minor fixes. We and some other hackers (@chpwn and@notcom) had doubts in our mind regarding the SHSH Blobs Saurik server that it could have been closed by Apple in the recent iTunes update. However, we had no official confirmation about it from the solid source. We tweeted about it to our followers and cc’ed it to @saurik.

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Apple showed how the iPhone / iPad (or lets say iOS) inspired the upcoming OS X Lion. And now it seems that its time for a little more of Mac OS genes to come into the mobile platform. According to an Apple patent, Spaces, one of the features that makes Mac OS a beauty to work with might well come to the iPad. Spaces is a smart way to group applications and put them in different desktops. This can make switching between open applications pretty swift.

Spaces on Mac OS / iOS

The iPad has a large display and a 3 / 4 finger gesture on the iPad would certainly be a go (or a two finger pinch on the corner as the patent suggests). This specially comes in handy as many hate the double click on home button for the multitasking bar in iOS. Another thing worth noting is the fact that iOSes biggest competitor Honeycomb has gone without any button on its tablet and Apple isn’t a big fan of physical buttons either! [click to continue…]

Apple has just released iTunes 10.1 media player update with much awaited iOS 4.2 support. As usual, the iTunes 10.1 will provide number of ‘important stability and performance’ improvements. Yeh, we do expect faster and better syncing. Most importantly, this iTunes 10.1 will let you sync iPhone, iPod touch and iPad with your iTunes library. Now we can expect the iOS 4.2 to arrive any times soon.

Download iTunes 10.1 from

In the past, November 12 was being touted as the date on which iOS 4.2 is supposed to arrive – thats today. With no signs of Apple yet to launch the update, there are some rumors emanating about the possibility of it being delayed by a week or so – thanks to a bug noticed with Wi-Fi connectivity on iPads running iOS 4.2. [click to continue…]

Now this is as weird as it gets. We all knew that SkyFires’s pseudo flash enabled browser of the same name was to make its debut in to the Apple App Store some time this week. Well the unthinkable did happen earlier today and it seems folks over at SkyFire are having a hard time meeting the traffic demands of iOS users.

Those of you who are trying to download the application would now be (mostly) greeted with a iTunes error message that says ” The item you have requested is not currently available in the US store”. Strangely enough, people from other parts of the world too are reporting the same issue. So who is to blame here? [click to continue…]

One of the several mobile Safari alternatives is Skyfire. The new version of Skyfire 2.0 will bring an innovative technology that will let users watch Adobe Flash based videos without even installing Flash or any kind of work around. Ha, it’s not magic. Skyfire 2.0 App basically relies aup on the Skyfire’s remote servers that convert Adobe Flash based video to HTML5 based video format. Once the conversion completes, the video starts streaming on the user’s device via Skyfire 2.0 App. Do note that this Skyfire 2.0 would be able to support only videos that can be converted into HTML5 friendly streaming format.
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