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Let’s face it. Apple’s sixth iteration of its mobile software was a minor update. I have been hearing from people that the actual reason for it being the minor update, unlike iOS 5 was due to the fact that Apple invested its entire time in building its own mapping solution from the scratch. There’s no doubt that Google Maps are still unmatched on any platform. And we know how massively Apple maps failed and Tim Cook had to eventually apologise for providing a bad mapping solution to its users.


Fortunately, Google pushed its Google Maps application on App Store and Apple was generous enough to approve it. When iOS 5 was introduced, it was truly a leap for Apple in mobile OS. Nevertheless, Apple knew from the very first day since the development of Android started at Google that they have to abandon Google services sometime soon. However, that was not the primary motive at that time for Apple. Nor they had those immense resources to achieve it. Steve wanted Apple to recognise its true potencial and return to the market yet again with release of new categories. iPhone was one of life saviour, but services such as Google Maps, Youtube and Google Search were one of the safest bet for them to make it a hit among other smartphones during that time. [click to continue…]

It is pleasant to receive a major software update on a two year old smartphone. Keeping my iPhone usage / affordability philosophy, I am happily using a good old 2010 iPhone 4 model for a year now. I picked it up from a friend for a good discount and thus got the magnificent glass built iPhone 4 in my budget. Having used a LG made Windows Phone device before this, I feel much comfortable with the design and media skills of my current iPhone.

Coming back to the software update, after thinking of skipping the update or perhaps wait for reviews to pour in, I got tempted to hit the upgrade button and 30 mins later, I have iOS 6. Nothing has changed with the iOS 6 when you look from a distance, but as I spent a few minutes this morning with the OS, I realise that there is plenty to explore. So here I begin the exploration called iOS 6.

Note: I may not have all the features that iOS 6 offers, since I have a phone that is 2 generations behind the current iPhone 5, also I am in India.  [click to continue…]

Ryan Petrich, one of the most popular hacker in iOS community has again developed a tweak that aims to scale down the size of notification banners in iPhone. How many times have you wondered what if the notification banners would have not occupied the extra space beneath the status bar? or if they have been shown in status bar itself.

Sometimes, while you are navigating inside an application or playing games, you tend to get disturbed and the view disrupt itself while the banner notification is displayed. Nevertheless, it’s the most annoying thing for certain users. Specially when the application are important and you couldn’t afford to get the banners notifications unnoticed. [click to continue…]

Pod2G is known for discovering vulnerabilities in iPhone which have been used for JailBreak purposes. He had made many tethered JailBreak untethered merely with his exploit finding capabilities. The iPhone hacker has found a flaw in the SMS system of iPhone which existed since the very first version of iPhone software and persists even now in iOS 6 Beta 4. Unfotunately, no one took a notice of it and bewared people about it before.


When we send an SMS from the Messages applications, it’s sent via carrier in the form of the PDU (Protocol Description Unit) which is a protocol to send text messages. However, it’s not limited to smartphones. Many HTTP request are sent in PDU for the compression. Due to the fact that this is the medium for the delivery, the text message contains two numbers – one is the original no. and other one is reply-to number. [click to continue…]

One of the iOS hacker @xvolks has released a tweak via Cydia called BattSaver which claims doubling down your battery life by switching off the functionality on your iPhone when not in use. Once you have enabled the tweak, it would work in the background efficiently in order to 2x battery life. It also includes monitoring views to deal with battery state in real-time. So everything you need to know is shown to you inside the application.

iPhone is the only smartphone in the market which manages the battery life efficiently. However, if 3G is enabled from, the battery would start draining much faster. In fact, even if you are in zone where you could use Wifi, 3G would remain turned ON which is not at all good for making the most out of your battery life. If you had been looking for a solution to solve this issue, look no further and install this tweak right now. [click to continue…]

Instagram must have surely updated its iOS and Android application to include flicker authentication support, but something unusual has recently happened which was not expected at all. According to Instagram, Twitter has blocked Instagram to access Twitter API, due to which Instagram users who want to search their friends over twitter couldn’t look out for them anymore.

When they try to do so, the error which is thrown in front of them says –  “Unable To Find Friends”. However, you can still post your Instagram’d photos over Twitter from the built-in functionality of the application. Does it mean that Twitter is silently blocking access to some of its Twitter APIs? or is it only because Instagram is now owned by Facebook? Whatever the reasons are, we are still waiting for a statement from Twitter on this matter. [click to continue…]

Since Apple has launched iPhone, the clock icon shows the same time it originally shipped with. There were many speculations that Apple would tweak the clock to show current animated live clock. But unfortunately, it never happened. However, if you have a JailBroken iDevice, Ryan Petrich has made this a reality through LiveClock tweak via Cydia. It has recently been updated to support iOS 5.1.1.

Installing LiveClock via Cydia makes your live clock on springboard looks like a real time clock. It would show you the current timing, depending upon your country. Also, the second hand in the clock icon would animate and move accordingly. This tweak in a way gives life to your dead clock icon which should be launched every time you want to know timing on  your iDevice. [click to continue…]

If you are one of those people who use an older device than iPhone 4/iPhone 4S, chances are that you would come across with lots of sluggishness while launching application or performing tasks. Well, if you have a JailBroken iDevice, we have a solution to eradicate this problem. There is a tweak called ClockWind via Cydia that lets you intensify the experience on your iDevice with the help of fastening animations.

This tweaks supports every device starting from iPhone 2G to iPhone 4S and can be installed from iOS 3.0 to iOS 5.1.1. So even if you own an iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G or iPhone 3GS, you could go ahead to install ‘ClockWind’. Once you have installed the tweak, your iDevice would feel a tad more responsive, smoother and faster with animations. This tweak enhances the performance of UIKit, thus making your iPhone free from sluggishness. [click to continue…]

Previously, we have heard about iPhone factory unlock solution from CutYourSim. It seems that the trend has taken a rebirth yet again. There are sites like iRepairIndia and Apple N Berry offering factory unlock solution to any of your iPhone locked to AT&T. This includes every phone which has been released till now such as iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS or any older model.

Unlike Gevey Ultra S or Turbo sim which is a temporary way to unlock your iPhone using the sim interposer, factory unlock is permanent solution. Either today or tomorrow, Apple would release an iPhone firmware which would increment the BaseBand. Thereby, losing support for the sim interposers available in the market. But once you have opt for factory unlock, it’s a lifetime remedy. [click to continue…]

Apple’s constant attempts to close down in-app vulnerability which was being discovered by a Russian hacker that allow you steal content within the application have failed lately. At first, they issued a notice to take down these sites which were responsible for this fraudulent action, but it turned out that they were moved to less accessible locations. However, now Apple has informed developers that they could rectify the vulnerability on a temporary basis through the documentation provided in Apple’s developer portal, reports 9to5Mac

But the loophole would be closed in its upcoming major iOS release. We would call it yet another attempt from Apple to provide private APIs to developer to combat the vulnerability. Unlike the way we had thought that Apple might push another software update after iOS 5.1 to fix this problem. At the end of day, developers suffers the loss of legal purchases through these continuous steals.  [click to continue…]

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