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Apple is extending its recent iPhone marketing campaign to iPad as well and created a new webpage that basically summarises all the best things about their iPad line up. Rather than taking users through multiple web links for various special features of iPad and iPad mini Apple created a single webpage with no further follow up link that has all the best features detailed. With the gradual drop in iPad sales and announcement of various Android tablets rivalling Apple’s iPad line up it is time for Appel to go a bit more aggressive in pushing their iPads.

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Apple iPad display shipments plunged by an alarming 81% in January 2013 says iSuppli, this can be attributed to various reasons including a global fall in demand for large LCD displays. Apple in general has a commitment of minimum number of display purchases per year from its suppliers to get a better pricing so this might be effect of an adjustment made due to lesser demand of large screen iPads and heavy orders in December 2012. The suppliers will manufacture only the difference amount of displays in January. The phenomenon is not unique only for iPad displays but the same trend has been witnessed across other sized tablet displays as well including the 8.9″ displays used for Kindle Fire HD which declined by a even higher percentage of 91%.

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Amplify by News Corporation aims to become the next gen threat to iPad in education space already. It is headed by Joel Klein, former Chancellor of the NYC Department of Education. It is currently aiming to bag grants from various school districts to subsidise the devices for students. The current pricing revealed by Amplify says that the base WiFi only model cost $299 with an annual fee of $99 for the content subscription and the 4G model costs $349 with a $179 for a one year contract. Apple is currently the market leader in tablet segment for education with over 20000 apps related to education for the iPad.

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Last month’s earnings call had a interesting bit of news about iPad  Mini sales being cannibalised by iPad sales from Apple’s CEO Tim Cook. When questioned about Apple’s newer products cannibalising the older products Tim Cook said that they are happy about it because if not for Apple someone else would cater that category of customers. Over the last few years numbers proved that MacBook sales have been seriously declining and iPad sales were rapidly growing, the same phenomena was witnessed last month when the sales of LCD panels for iPad has been estimated. The number of panels of size 7.9 inches rose over 5 million whereas the number of panels of size 9.7 inches declined to 1.3 million from 7.4 million.

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Arkansas State University recently announced their iPad Initiative where each freshman student starting this year is supposed to own an iPad or iPad mini that can be either purchased outside or in the university’s IT store or can be rented out for the course. It all began two years ago when Arkansas State University first started experimenting the educational value an iPad can add in a student’s learning. After testing it out immensely and planning various well thought out use cases ASU made it a compulsion for every student to own an iPad.

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TypeStatus, a free app on Cydia is a simple tweak that notifies you in the iOS status bar with a simple icon of message bubble with dots when someone is typing an iMessage to you. No matter what you are doing on the phone the alert on the status bar still appears, this incredible tweak is simple yet very useful. The only downside of the app is that it doesn’t tell you who is sending you an iMessage but hey, it does let you know that an iMessage is about to be delivered!

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Apple has paid $ 60 Mn to Proview Technology to end a dispute over the iPad trademark in China that saw the world’s most valuable technology company engaged in a messy legal tussle with a near bankrupt Chinese firm. The ban has dented some sales of the iPad in China as Proview had requested the Chinese authorities to help them take iPad off store shelves. [click to continue…]

Apple iPad has posted a record breaking statistic yet again. The dominating iPad sales attributed to 65% of overall tablet sales of Q1 2012. The first quarter of 2012 witnessed sale of 18.2 million tablet devices out of which iPads accounted to 11.8 million which is almost 10 times more than it’s nearest competitor Samsung which managed to push only 1.1 million tablet devices.

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At AllthingsD conference last week, Tim Cook said that they are doubling down on Siri. Is this what he meant? Or more? MacRumors has a mockup and strong rumor that Apple would bring Siri’s voice assistant feature in its full glory to the iPad with iOS 6. iOS 6 is long rumored and is expected to be shown at WWDC next week. Siri has been a key feature with the iPhone 4S launch, however the service attracted plenty of criticism for being in beta and limited to the 4S.

The new iPad got a dictation add-on but that is far from being Siri. The rumor today claims that the new retina display iPad would get Siri with iOS 6 and a probability of iPad 2 getting the same remains. Macrumors also has a mockup of how Siri would look on the iPad.  [click to continue…]

After the D10 conference, where Apple’s CEO Tim Cook said that the relationship between Apple and Facebook is healthy and told to be stay tuned when asked about their mobile OS being dedicated only to twitter integration. At first, we were quite skeptical that Apple might not have solved the complexities in Facebook privacies to share content at system level. But the recent report from Techcrunch tells us a whole different story.

According to Techcrunch sources, Apple would concentrate more in iOS 6 to share content in the native applications. Hence, Facebook integration is pretty much imminent in the next mobile operation system from Apple. It seems that the company would want to make the service intuitive and friendly to its users, similar to entering credentials under settings and then sharing anything from applications such as Photos, Safari, Maps etc. Both twitter and Facebook integration could be achieved by popping up a dialog box in front of the user where the user has the option to choose from.  [click to continue…]

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