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Apple is extending its recent iPhone marketing campaign to iPad as well and created a new webpage that basically summarises all the best things about their iPad line up. Rather than taking users through multiple web links for various special features of iPad and iPad mini Apple created a single webpage with no further follow up link that has all the best features detailed. With the gradual drop in iPad sales and announcement of various Android tablets rivalling Apple’s iPad line up it is time for Appel to go a bit more aggressive in pushing their iPads.

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Fiksu, a mobile app analytics firm released their latest reports on App download statistics for February 2013 saying that the number of downloads from top 200 apps on the App store for iPhone has declined by nearly 810,000 down to 5.2 million per day in February from 6.01 million per day in January which gave a strong holiday season sales figures. App developers spend huge amounts on advertising their apps during holiday season in an effort to tap new customers who purchase new devices, Fiksu says that the app discovery and visibility efforts continued well into January 2013 as well and fizzled out in February which gives a right indication of things to come for later part of the year.

fiksu 2 app store competitive usage

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You might have a flood of apps with promising feature that enhance the photo with visual effects and other visual balances. Instagram is famous for its filters, snapseed is famous for its intuitive UI and great deed of image enhancing features and so on. But here comes a new photography app that does something different and amazing, “Path On” which is available for $1.99 on iPhone and iPad. This app basically aims at allowing the user to draw a freely drawn path or go for a template of shapes and then type text on the hand drawn path or the shape. It might seem simple but the final results are really good. Read on to know more about Path On.


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On Monday, PC Mag’s Glenn Rubenstein and his friends from TWiT had a simple task of reaching Apple’s campus at 1, Infinity Loop. As a real world experiment they wanted to test out how well Apple Maps directions will fare against Google Maps and Waze. The testers were Leo LaPorte from TWiT who was using the Waze app, John C. Dvorak who had Google Maps and finally Glenn Rubenstein who had Apple Maps. Surprisingly the much bashed and hated Apple Maps won the test. Though this is not a professional test of all kinds Apple maps seems to be not that bad afterall.

Apple maps

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On Thursday, the US Patents and Trademarks office published details about three patents filed by Apple in the last two years that patent an exclusive system to sell and loan used Digital content like books, music and movies owned by users. The whole proposed system by Apple is quite similar to a system Amazon has patented (applied in 2009) recently with the only difference being Amazon is planning for a central market place like its Music store and Movies store unlike Apple which is planning for a decentralised peer to peer exchange system.

Apple patent

The whole system is more about managing the digital access rights of various owners of the same content and transferring the digital access rights to new owners. There is high probability that Apple might be taking help of its iCloud service to maintain all the digital content on cloud and provide cloud service to access the digital content rather than the content residing on the owners device. That way managing owner right sand restricting access will be much easier for Apple.

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Amplify by News Corporation aims to become the next gen threat to iPad in education space already. It is headed by Joel Klein, former Chancellor of the NYC Department of Education. It is currently aiming to bag grants from various school districts to subsidise the devices for students. The current pricing revealed by Amplify says that the base WiFi only model cost $299 with an annual fee of $99 for the content subscription and the 4G model costs $349 with a $179 for a one year contract. Apple is currently the market leader in tablet segment for education with over 20000 apps related to education for the iPad.

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TypeStatus, a free app on Cydia is a simple tweak that notifies you in the iOS status bar with a simple icon of message bubble with dots when someone is typing an iMessage to you. No matter what you are doing on the phone the alert on the status bar still appears, this incredible tweak is simple yet very useful. The only downside of the app is that it doesn’t tell you who is sending you an iMessage but hey, it does let you know that an iMessage is about to be delivered!

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Opera Software has updated its alternative mobile browser for iOS devices, the Opera Mini to version 6.5. The new version which went live yesterday comes with a horde of new features and updates. This update for the browser arrives just three weeks after the same version for Android made its debut.

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So, all of you who were waiting for GarageBand to arrive on the iPhone and the iPod Touch well, your wait has ended. Apple has officially released a new version of the famous app for iPhone and iPod Touch models. The app is universal in nature now and has graduated to version 1.1.

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Microsoft Courier Concept App

Slingnote is one of those amazing concepts that lets Apple claim ‘there is an app for that’. We have seen the dual screen tablet concept ‘Courier’ that Microsoft was supposedly working on, well why do a hardware modification when software works wonders. SlingNote lets you split your iPad screen in to two parts and work between them. [click to continue…]

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