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Although there are many tweaks on Cydia which lets you modify almost anything, but there’s one tweak which was missed. And that tweak couldn’t be none other than an add on which should allow you to record calls. Perhaps, there might be certain issues with tweak like them since in many countries, this is considered to be illegal. A developer with twitter handle @Limneos has finally come up with one for those on JailBroken devices.

Also, he has included a disclaimer in the description of the tweak that he won’t be responsible for any illegal activity which is peformed using this call recorder. To install this Call recorder tweak, you need to add this repository in Cydia – (http://limneos.net/repo). Once all the respos are updated, search ‘net.limneos.callrecorder‘. Yes, you won’t find it with ‘Call Recorder’ as a generic name. Instead, the developer has chosen a quite dynamic name which is not searchable easily. [click to continue…]

Apple released their iOS 6.1.3 update for all supporting devices yesterday, one of the major update in the release is to patch a lockscreen passcode bug that gives low level access to call logs, photos and contacts on the device. But it seems that a new bug has been revealed by Youtube user videosdebarraquito that would give access to call logs, photos and contacts on Voice Control enabled devices without SIRI. This bug was successfully replicated when our team tested it on an iPhone 4 today morning. A detailed video has been posted below which shows the bug.

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Saurik, the creator behind Cydia, has come come up with a tweak called ‘Cyueue’. This tweak does the job of queuing up your songs one after the other in an efficient way. Due to the fact that it’s a tweak, it doesn’t install any standalone application after installation. Instead, it enhances the functionality of default Music application by adding an option to allow user to select what song to play now, next or later.


Once you have queued all of your songs using the tweak in Music application using the above mentioned actions, they are automatically added in a playlist called Cyueue. In other words, it could be called an ‘on the go’ playlist which you could replace with already playing playlist in music application. Also, once queue playlist is done playing all songs, you would be reverted to the previous playlist you had been playing. [click to continue…]

Since Apple would most probably preview iOS 7.0 in WWDC 2013, iOS users have plenty of expectations with it. In fact, according to many, Apple hasn’t changed much with the release iOS 6 from the previous iteration. Hence, it’s time that Apple should bring back its magical experience into iDevices with the power of mobile software. For the same, another interesting iOS notification center concept has emerged which depicts about the various possibilities.

As per the concept, whenever you receive iOS notifications, you should be able to perform different actions on it. These actions include an ability to call back, compose a message based on the call, or set a reminder for calling on the number later. Moreover, the same thing could be extended further for Mail notifications where you could reply, delete or move any mail to archive.

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Well, this doesn’t come in the form of surprise. But Apple’s approval process continue to lack in approving apps which doesn’t comply with their policies. There’s now another application on App Store which lets you delete system applications on your iOS device. In other words, you could hide all those pre-installed application which you don’t use anymore.


We think that the actual reason for HiddenApps app to go unnoticed from the eyes of reviewers is due to the fact that it offers much more functionalities if you simply neglect the name. Also, if you read the description of the application, it doesn’t say much about it. According to the developer, it’s an application that tells you tips and tricks about your iDevice. On the contrary, it does more than that. [click to continue…]

Grant Paul a.k.a Chpwn, developer of Zephyr and Gridlock is one of the developers who really listen to the users of their wares. Recently Paul updated Zephyr two times within few hours after receiving an overwhelming response, obviously about disliking of the 1.6 version of Zephyr. So within few hours, the next updated version was pushed, Zephyr 1.6.1. Now Paul is back with Gridlocker 2.0.

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Matt Gemmell came up with some amazing wallpapers for Nintendo fans out there. Check out our post with all the amazing wallpapers and download links to all the wallpapers.

We specially create the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S version for all our users out there. They are not covering all the details as in iPhone 5 wallpapers but they are still worthy enough to please the fans.


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Scott Buscemi of 9to5mac published an interesting piece of news yesterday. It seems Apple considered four different names for the iPhone apart from well, the obviously chosen “iPhone “. And surprisingly most of the other choices seem funny now, which are “Telepod”, “iPad”, “Mobi” and “Tripod”. At an event at the University of Arizona’s Department of Marketing (Eller School of Management), former Apple advertising lead Ken Segall shared this additional details into the naming behind Apple’s massively popular smartphone.

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Yesterday, Google pushed an update for Chrome for iOS. And all those people with a JailBroken iPhone, iPod touch or iPad who had updated without knowing the fact that it would crash after the update started to face issues. When you open the application, it works absolutely fine. But after 3 seconds, the application crashes and the activity continue to occur repeatedly. Of course, the fix is not to delete Chrome for iOS and reinstall from App Store. The reason is because Google has included an untested JailBreak specific code to its app.


If by any chance, you haven’t updated the application yet, it’s better you shouldn’t do it as well. Because once the app is updated, it would automatically figure out wether your iDevice is JailBroken or not and result in continuous crashes. The actual reason why Chrome for iOS crashes is because the JailBreak detection logic automatically assumes that you had turned ON crash reports in Chrome on iOS devices. On the contrary, by default, ‘send crash report’ is turned OFF which is why Chrome crashes every 3 seconds after you have opened the mobile browser. [click to continue…]

Undoubtedly, there are certain apps which are available on App Store that lets you create ringtones from your iPhone and the import them using iTunes whenever the device is connected to your PC/Mac. But if you are on a JailBroken iPhone, there’s yet another handy way for you to do the same thing, but in a much better way. A tweak called ‘Rinngo’ by Cocoanuts is an enhancement to action menu on iOS which gives you the ability to make ringtone directly from your Music Library and then save it right into ringtone library.


Precisely, it surpasses Apple’s restrictions to directly import use created ringtones to ringtone library. Previously, the developers came up with a tweak called Gremlin which allow you to import the downloaded mp3 files into the Music library. The procedure is really simple. Just tap and hold on the song in music library, an action menu would appear. You could use that action menu to select Rinngo and a new interface would be presented to you automatically. From there onwards, trim the song to create a ringtone and import to your ringtone library instantly. [click to continue…]

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