When Steve Jobs launched the iPod in October 2001 and claimed that it was a breakthrough device for digital music, most trade pundits wrote him and the iPod off owing to its price ($399 then). But within in a few years, the iPod really took off and was termed as one of the biggest innovations in technology. Like many critics said — only Steve Jobs could prove the Beatles wrong. Apple also classified them into categories like Shuffle, Classic, Nano and Touch. [click to continue…]

TypeStatus, a free app on Cydia is a simple tweak that notifies you in the iOS status bar with a simple icon of message bubble with dots when someone is typing an iMessage to you. No matter what you are doing on the phone the alert on the status bar still appears, this incredible tweak is simple yet very useful. The only downside of the app is that it doesn’t tell you who is sending you an iMessage but hey, it does let you know that an iMessage is about to be delivered!

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When iMore sources have already told us about an event from Apple to be held on September 12, there were rumors that iPad mini could be unveiled alongside as well. However, Gruber gave his deep explanation on why Apple would hold two event for two different products. This explanation turned out to be of some value and the Loop called it correct. And now, AllThingsD sources  are pointing out towards the same two events planned rumours.

 The first event which is expected to be scheduled on September 12 would focus on next generation iPhone. On the other hand, another event that’s supposedly set for October would happen for the refresh of iPod line up and an all new iPad mini or bigger iPod touch. According to Macotakara, the iPod nano would see an addition of Wifi functionality for iTunes music playback from iCloud.

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When Apple released the first iPhone in 2007, it featured a 3.5 inch display. Undoubtedly, even that screen size would have felt a tad bigger for many people. But now, it seems that to catch up with the competition, it’s time for Apple to move on and extend the display even further. While we have a dispute over the 4.0 inch display of iPhone, iPod touch panels have been reportedly leaked by the supplier.

If you look at these iPod touch panels, you would realize that Apple has also decided to expand the size of iPod touch screen. These touch panels measure 4.1 inch diagonally. Hence, there’s a probability that Apple would also move from the historical 3.5 inch size of the Retina display to 4.1 inch in upcoming iPhone. In addition to it, several other parts for the next iPhone have been leaked by the supplier such as button flex cable, rear and front facing cameras. [click to continue…]

Inspired from iPhone, Apple gave us the best iPod ever. You love listening to your favourite tracks and scrolling through the beautiful album art in coverflow. But the in-box Apple earphones takes away most of the fun. They have a flat sound with terrible bass. But then we hardly change them because of the in-line mic, which lets you make/receive calls and also supports track playback options. So here i am reviewing  a pair of headphones you might consider investing in,  Beats by Dr Dre Solo HD. [click to continue…]

There has been rumors from a long time which suggested that Apple might launch an iPod nano with a camera on the back. At first, some sites reported that if the camera is to be embedded into the device, the clipping would be discarded. But this rumor contradicts previous rumors and claims that the upcoming iPod nano would have camera embedded in addition to the clip on the back. [click to continue…]

Off late Apple is getting in the news for all the wrong reasons. First it was the downtime faced by Siri, Apple iPhone 4S’ so called personal assistant and then came the news of battery issues on the iPhone 4S and other iOS 5 based devices.

iPod Nano Battery Issues

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Well, the biggest challenge in front  of the hackers has now been surpassed. We have finally confirmation from @stroughtonsmith and @chpwn who ported Siri on iPod touch 4G. It was earlier assumed that it would be impossible to spoof Apple servers and needs surplus amount of work than expected. But according to @stroughtonsmith, he has done it all in one line of code with plenty of changes in file systems.  [click to continue…]

This might be one of the most popular news of the year. After a silence in iOS hacking community, we have heard some words from the official sources. According to Chronic Dev Team, they have found five exploits in iOS 5. Interestingly, all these exploits are based on userland JailBreaks. This would help you to get an untethered JailBreak at the time of iOS 5 release this fall. This is not all, it has broken records of highest number of exploits ever found in the history of iOS hacking. All these exploits are not related to hardware in any case, that is, they are not bootrom exploits. Apple can patch them all in upcoming software releases.  [click to continue…]

Well, it’s been a long time since we have heard anything new or impressive from iOS hacking community. It seems that everyone is waiting for the day when iOS 5 would become public and as per the rumors from BGR, the day is not too far. Finally, iOS 5 will come out of beta for download all over the world. Even if you are on a 2 years old iPhone 3GS, you would be able to update to the latest firmware, no wonder that not all features would be supported. There has always been frequent update in JailBreak tools like Redsn0w and Sn0wbreeze for iOS 5 betas. Though, the JailBreak is tethered right now except iPhone 3GS old bootrom. [click to continue…]

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