With Christmas on its way there’s a good news for iPhone users. Jailbreak for iOS version 7.0.4 is now available allowing users to jailbreak their phone giving them access to download third party applications and many other things. iOS Jailbreaking is the process of removing the limitations on Apple devices running the iOS operating system through the use of software and hardware exploits. Jailbreaking permits root access to the iOS operating system, allowing the download of additional applications, extensions, and themes that are unavailable through the official Apple App Store.

A jailbroken iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad running iOS can still use the App Store, iTunes, and other normal functions, such as making telephone calls. Restoring a device with iTunes removes the jailbreak. This is a little different than rooting an Android device, because jailbreaking is necessary if the user intends to run software not authorized by Apple and to expand the feature set limited by Apple and its App Store. Whereas on Android, apps can be installed beyond the Play Store by simply downloading the APK file or installing from a 3rd party app store. Rooting in Android gives the user deeper access to changing core features of the software. [click to continue…]

We covered recent twitter posts from P0sixninja claiming newly found exploits in current version of iOS, as soon as he tweeted about about the exploits there were speculations arising about an imminent iOS 6.1.3 jailbreak. Speaking to iDesignTimes P0sixninja confirmed that he has larger plans for an iOS 7 or 7.1 jailbreak and he will not be giving away the exploits just yet. Even the famous iPhone hacker Planetbeing confirmed that currently their IRC channel is totally quite and no jailbreak tool for iOS 6.1.3 is being planned as of now, but he indicated that they will most probably start back up when the Evad3rs team goes to HITBSec conference scheduled for April 11th 2013.

jailbreak evasi0n

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Although there are many tweaks on Cydia which lets you modify almost anything, but there’s one tweak which was missed. And that tweak couldn’t be none other than an add on which should allow you to record calls. Perhaps, there might be certain issues with tweak like them since in many countries, this is considered to be illegal. A developer with twitter handle @Limneos has finally come up with one for those on JailBroken devices.

Also, he has included a disclaimer in the description of the tweak that he won’t be responsible for any illegal activity which is peformed using this call recorder. To install this Call recorder tweak, you need to add this repository in Cydia – (http://limneos.net/repo). Once all the respos are updated, search ‘net.limneos.callrecorder‘. Yes, you won’t find it with ‘Call Recorder’ as a generic name. Instead, the developer has chosen a quite dynamic name which is not searchable easily. [click to continue…]

P0sixninja, part of the newly formed Evad3rs team tweeted a while ago some new exploits he discovered in iOS 6. With the recent update of iOS 6.1.3 Apple patched the exploits used by Evad3rs to create the most used jailbreak tool ever, Evasi0n. Though new exploits have been discovered we are still not sure if that will lead to release of new jailbreak tools as iOS 7 is just few months away from release. Typically, these exploits are saved for major version of iOS so that Apple won’t patch them up. Earlier rumours also confirmed that evad3rs had few exploits saved up under their sleeve but will not be giving them out in jailbreak tools yet.

P0sixninja tweet 1

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I, for one hate it when my phone starts vibrating while I am in my class, and my phone is kept on the table. And I have seen my dad hastily turning off the vibration whenever he is into a meeting and his phone vibrates on the table. Didn’t you ever get into such a situation?

Well, MyVibe saves you the trouble and embarrassment.

MyVibe is filled with basic operations and tweaks that allow the user to control the device vibration activities. The app uses the inbuilt accelerometer to figure out when the device is kept on a flat surface like, a table, and then controls the vibration. If enabled, then the app stops all the vibrations caused by notification of any kind. Problem solved? But there is another thing that seems more interesting to me. [click to continue…]

Grant Paul a.k.a Chpwn, developer of Zephyr and Gridlock is one of the developers who really listen to the users of their wares. Recently Paul updated Zephyr two times within few hours after receiving an overwhelming response, obviously about disliking of the 1.6 version of Zephyr. So within few hours, the next updated version was pushed, Zephyr 1.6.1. Now Paul is back with Gridlocker 2.0.

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If you haven’t heard of Celeste before, let me enlighten you about the popular tweak first. Among all those Bluetooth sending apps that came and disappeared, Celeste has been onto the forefront of the development. Despite all those hurdles which are being thrown by Apple with each iteration of iOS and making it difficult to crack the BTStack on iPhone, Cocoanuts have informed yet again via Twitter that Celeste would get iOS 6 support soon.


Celeste tweak works as an addition with the action menu on iOS. With cut, copy, paste etc, you also get an option to send files in Music library of your iPhone or an option to send via Bluetooth in iFile and other third party applications. If you have purchased the tweak before, and had been waiting for the much awaited update, the wait is about to end. In the meantime you could also check some other popular tweaks from the same developer team. [click to continue…]

After sleeping only for 10 hours in the past three days and while taking part in StartupBus, Khanifar launched a new website (FixTheDMCA.org) attacking the DMCA and educating users about the hazards of the new cell phone unlocking ban implemented by the DMCA. Khanifar was the person who initiated the petition on the White House website to protest against DMCA.


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Yesterday, Google pushed an update for Chrome for iOS. And all those people with a JailBroken iPhone, iPod touch or iPad who had updated without knowing the fact that it would crash after the update started to face issues. When you open the application, it works absolutely fine. But after 3 seconds, the application crashes and the activity continue to occur repeatedly. Of course, the fix is not to delete Chrome for iOS and reinstall from App Store. The reason is because Google has included an untested JailBreak specific code to its app.


If by any chance, you haven’t updated the application yet, it’s better you shouldn’t do it as well. Because once the app is updated, it would automatically figure out wether your iDevice is JailBroken or not and result in continuous crashes. The actual reason why Chrome for iOS crashes is because the JailBreak detection logic automatically assumes that you had turned ON crash reports in Chrome on iOS devices. On the contrary, by default, ‘send crash report’ is turned OFF which is why Chrome crashes every 3 seconds after you have opened the mobile browser. [click to continue…]

Undoubtedly, there are certain apps which are available on App Store that lets you create ringtones from your iPhone and the import them using iTunes whenever the device is connected to your PC/Mac. But if you are on a JailBroken iPhone, there’s yet another handy way for you to do the same thing, but in a much better way. A tweak called ‘Rinngo’ by Cocoanuts is an enhancement to action menu on iOS which gives you the ability to make ringtone directly from your Music Library and then save it right into ringtone library.


Precisely, it surpasses Apple’s restrictions to directly import use created ringtones to ringtone library. Previously, the developers came up with a tweak called Gremlin which allow you to import the downloaded mp3 files into the Music library. The procedure is really simple. Just tap and hold on the song in music library, an action menu would appear. You could use that action menu to select Rinngo and a new interface would be presented to you automatically. From there onwards, trim the song to create a ringtone and import to your ringtone library instantly. [click to continue…]

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