Apple’s two new iPads – The iPad Air 2 and the iPad Mini 3 have finally hit the stores today. These products were live on Flipkart and Infibeam for pre-orders a week before. To purchase it from a retailer near to you, you can use the Apple Store Finder to find the shops. Apple will also continue to sell it online through it’s e-commerce partner sites like Flipkart and Infibeam. Flipkart is offering next-day delivery on iPads for for a shipping fee of Rs.90 but if you order it from their mobile app, you can avail free shipping to selective cities. Inifibeam is offering next day free shipping across India.


The higher end iPad Air 2 comes in two different variants: The Wi-Fi and the Wi-Fi + 3G model. The prices for the iPad Air 2 starts from Rs.35,900 which is a 16 GB Wi-fi model, [click to continue…]

Ever wanted to use your iPhone in the middle of a desert or in the middle of an ocean or high above a mountain and you find no signal reception? A satellite phone offers you with calling and data services anywhere in the world but is very bulky, uncool and expensive. Thanks to Thurya’s SatSleeve now you can use your iPhone as a satellite phone anywhere in the world. SatSleeve is an iPhone sleeve that supports iPhone 5/4S/4 and also extends itself as a external battery offering up to 48 hours of additional battery backup. The only downside to all this is a case that cost $500 and calling charges starting with a minimum of $1 and extending up to $8 depending on your location and the location you call.


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With the hunger for processing power growing exponentially defying Moor’s Law over time, top in the line processor manufacturers begin to showcase their product line up for years to come. Nvidia launches its next generation GPU, Volta, that promises a memory bandwidth of around 1 TB/sec which is almost 4 times its current flagship GPU being shipped. Volta uses DRAM directly mounted on top of the GPU, just separated by a layer of silica substrate. The two layers are directly connected by drilling through the silica. Though no details about the price and exact date of availability are revealed yet, Nvidia says that they are aiming for a 2016 launch.

nvida volta

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Thanks to crowdsourcing platforms like Kickstarter and Indigogo many aspiring smartphone accessory makers are actually able to turn their dreams into reality. Last month we covered about Alcohoot that claimed to be a low cost high grade breathalyser and now a campaign showcasing another breathalyser, Breathometer, took off on Indigogo with a goal to raise $25000 raise much more than that in less than a week after kicking off. Breathometer is an accessory that can be attached to the 3.5mm jack of the iPhone, accompanied by its iPhone app will help drinkers to monitor their blood alcohol level and alert if it exceeds the limit. Drinkers can now be safe by avoiding to drive if their blood alcohol limit is beyond permissible limits.

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Apple seems to have made it a point that you load yourselves up with all iProducts now! The company already rules your music, video and telecom experience, and further extended its product support into fields of productivity and entertainment. iPods have your ears covered with best music experience while you are completing your presentation on the go on your iPad just because your boss called on the new iPhone 5 and reminded you to reach on time along with your work. Now, how about an iDevice that keeps on head on that time edge, allowing you to transfer your data through-in and out via Bluetooth and if you forget to carry your iPod, then no worries! The watch keeps you entertained with your playlist. The iWatch is coming on its way to make the jobs done on a nanoscale. [click to continue…]

Another rumour has now turned into a reality. Although it was expected that Apple would most probably bump the storage capacity of iPad 4, but it was not known that it would do that as early as next week. Yes, starting from February 5, Apple would also sell an 128 GB model of iPad with Retina display on its stores. The basic model (Wifi) would sell for Rs 49,900, whereas Wifi+cellular model would sell for Rs 56,900 in India.


As per the press release, many intensive tasks are now done on the iPad including the editing of AutoCAD documents. Infact, 85% of the global companies are now deploying iPad for the testing purpose around the world. There are more than 10 million iWork users who edit variety of documents on the go could use more storage capacity with this launch. In a nutshell, users would be able to do much more work with the next generation of computing device without caring about the storage. [click to continue…]

Nokia is finally out with its latest Windows Phone offering, the Lumia 920. The Nokia Lumia 920 is selling for Rs 36,500 In India (check latest price) and the same now carries the fate of Nokia’s mobile future. Powered by the latest Microsoft Windows Phone 8 OS, the Lumia 920 features wireless charging, full HD capabilities, a 1.5GHz processor and a 4.5″ full touchscreen.

The highlight of the Lumia 920 of course is the Optical Image Stabilization 8MP camera that reduces shake when shooting action videos, brilliant low light still photos and ability to use the touchscreen with gloves on. Nokia is leaving no stone unturned in touting the camera capabilities of the 920, however the harsh reality remains, the OS that this product ships with isn’t upto the mark yet. It lacks the customizations of Android or the apps strength of iOS. At Rs 36,500, the Lumia 920 is a bit more expensive than the iPhone 4S and somewhat close to the iPhone 5. [click to continue…]

It’s pretty much known that Apple distributors in addition to carrier partner like Aircel and Airtel would launch iPhone 5 in India today. Recently, they have unveiled the special offer (Postpaid and Prepaid) plans for their users who would be able to use these plans with their iPhone 5. On the other hand, Aircel which is another carrier to sell iPhone 5 hasn’t unveiled their plans for iPhone 5 yet.

The Airtel Postpaid plans for iPhone 5 starts from Rs 300, Rs 500, Rs 800 and Rs 1000. For Rs 300, users would get 200 MB of 3G data , 300 local+national SMS and 500 local minutes. Whereas, for Rs 500, you would be able to get 500 MB of 3G data, 400 local+national SMS and 900 local minutes. Also, for Rs 800 and Rs 1000 , you would get 1200 MB of 3G data, 500 local+national SMS, 1400 local mins and 30723 MB of data, 600 local+national SMS, 1500 local minutes respectively. [click to continue…]

A few days after confirmation by Ingram Micro that the Apple iPhone would be going on sale starting November 2, we now have confirmation from both Airtel and Aircel that the device would go on sale on the same day. Both these operators have started taking preorders for the latest version of the apple iPhone. Airtel and Aircel have both updated their websites with an option to preorder the device. The price of the base 16 GB version starts at a whopping 45,000 while the top of the line 64 GB model will cost you a monumental Rs.59,500.

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