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Apple launched an iPhone with a larger screen to counter the rage of large screen smartphones started by Android manufacturers. The iPhone 5 features a 4″ screen compared to the 3.5″ screen that its last 5 predecessors carried. Apple also increased the resolution of the screen for the second time on the iPhone, thus maintaining the retina display quality. The iPhone 5 features a 8MP camera, a custom A6 chip from Apple and an aluminum body.

When we look at the competition, the biggest competitor on the Android front for Apple is the Samsung Galaxy SIII. The Galaxy SIII has been on sale for a while., is fairly popular and features a large 4.8″ screen. The camera on the S3 is 8MP and Samsung also puts all its might into the CPU / GPU for the same. Running Android Jelly Bean, Samsung Galaxy SIII is the hot favorite for Android lovers and one of the most premium smartphones for anyone who wants to buy one. Given its positioning, the S3 is the largest competitor for Apple out there.  [click to continue…]

Apple might be ready to unveil next iPhone on September 12, but folks at seems to have assembled the exterior of next iPhone to compare it with the predecessors. From the images, it appears that the iPhone 5 is the thinnest iPhone Apple has ever made since 2007. In fact, it’s thinner than iPhone 4/iPhone 4S which was launched last year. Similar to previous leaks, the design is not so different from what we have already seen in past couple of months.

Out of iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5, iPhone 3GS looks like the thickest of all the iPhones. As usual, the display is much taller, back is partially covered with metal, headphone jack is shifted to bottom, change in the position of front camera etc. We believe that there would be bump in rear and front megapixels as well. But that couldn’t be confirmed since the leaked iPhone 5 is not functional. [click to continue…]

Previously, Apple had introduced a feature in iOS 5.0 that was called ‘Airplay’. It lets you transfer either video or music from your iDevice to an Apple TV/speakers with the help of a Wifi network. However, with the introduction of iPhone 5, Apple’s expected to take this feature even further and omit the need of Wifi network for the Airplay to be called ‘Wifi Direct’, says Telegraph UK.

Apple might demonstrate the feature in September 12 even where next iPhone would be unveiled. Wifi direct would automatically make its own wifi network to connect with the supported devices. Therefore, you would be able to play music on speakers from your Apple products even in the absence of Wifi coverage.  Perhaps, this move from the company would happen because of the change in dock connector. [click to continue…]

According to the recent report from, iPhone 5 could be launched in India on November 9 which falls close to Diwali in India. Also,  unlike the last time, Apple might not sell next iPhone in India through carriers such as Aircel and Airtel. Instead, iPhone 5 would be sold through other retailers as well. This is an indication towards the fact that similar to previous launch, Apple would launch factory unlocked iPhone 5 in India and not carrier locked.

The sources also said that the reason behind Apple pushing the launch in India towards November is due to the absence of nano-sim. Undoubtedly, people who bought iPhone 4 in India from abroad had a hard time cutting their normal sim cards into Micro-sim when iPhone 4 was launched. And this sudden change in the standard of sim cards from micro-sim to nano-sim could again change everything and hence, a challenge for carriers. [click to continue…]

Yesterday, a rumor suggested that the gap between the iSight camera and the flex-cable could have been left out for the NFC sensor. But the recent analysis from AnandTech today has speculated that it’s very much unlikely that Apple would have made that square thing primarily for the NFC sensor, provided that there’s is a metal sheet around to support the LCD display in next generation iPhone.

After this analysis of AnandTech, The Loop has also claimed that Apple would not integrate an NFC sensor in iPhone 5. Perhaps, not even in next to next generation iPhone due to the complexities of NFC lately. Needless to say, if Apple feels that NFC is on uprising and could be the future of next generation smartphones, they would make it a reality in future. Otherwise, we don’t see a chance anytime soon. [click to continue…]

Either knowingly or unknowingly, CEO of 3 has revealed on twitter that the launch of iPhone 5 is imminent. Undoubtedly, several credible sources have confirmed that iPhone 5 is to be announced in an event on September 12,  but it seems that the 3 CEO is as much excited as that of the many consumers who are waiting for iPhone 5 from a quite long time.

Even though 3’s CEO couldn’t answer any of our questions, he guarantees that the product would be great and so the offers from the carrier. The tweet was noted by iSpazio and it was originally written in some other language which was then converted into English using the Google translation. This is the first time when someone has blatantly said something about the next generation iPhone.  [click to continue…]

The front panel of iPhone 5 that was assembled to show the internals appear to include an NFC sensor, reports Macotakara. At first, people were unable to speculate about that gap beside iSight camera and flex-cable. But as soon as the things were assembled together in past leaked photos, it became a lot clear that the next iPhone would include an NFC sensor to detect NFC tags automatically.


Apple introduced Passbook in iOS 6 which is set for release this fall and so Apple’s long rumored iPhone 5. Since Passbook is incomplete without an NFC sensor that would sense and add those NFC tags inside your Passbook application. We had been hearing that there were lots of discussions happened between Apple employees either to include mobile payments capability in iOS 6 or let it go due to the complexities. Perhaps, Apple might have found out a proper solution to these issues. [click to continue…]

Verizon could have planned for a vacation blackout for the launch of iPhone 5 on September 21, but there’s no clarity wether AT&T would follow the same rule. Initially, this rumor went viral over the web that AT&T had planned a vacation blackout on September 21. Though when 9to5Mac reached to the spokesperson, the person said that there’s no vacation blackout planned from AT&T at the end of September.

Possibly, Apple might want to make its plan secret, due to which they could have instructed AT&T not to reveal any confidential information about these vacation blackouts. However, sources at iMore told that Apple might launch the next iPhone on September 21 could turn out to be true because their earlier report about the September 12 event had been confirmed by many credible sources. [click to continue…]

All of the internals parts which we had seen earlier regarding the next iPhone were not assembled to show how they would look like from inside. Fortunately, someone at Photobucket (via Macrumors) has posted photos of assembled internal parts of the front panels which indicates that the LCD panel has a metal sheet to support the display and the home button is covered with metal bracket from the back.

 As you might have noticed, the positioning of the front facing camera has been shifted and now it is installed below the sensor, similar to what you see in 4th generation iPod touch. This front facing camera is installed behind the additional shielding unlike the iPhone 4S. It’s also assumed that the next iPhone would feature a 4 inch display and extra row of icons in the iOS 6 firmware to make the use of bigger display. And of course, a larger battery to power the 4G LTE or the bigger display. [click to continue…]

When iMore sources have already told us about an event from Apple to be held on September 12, there were rumors that iPad mini could be unveiled alongside as well. However, Gruber gave his deep explanation on why Apple would hold two event for two different products. This explanation turned out to be of some value and the Loop called it correct. And now, AllThingsD sources  are pointing out towards the same two events planned rumours.

 The first event which is expected to be scheduled on September 12 would focus on next generation iPhone. On the other hand, another event that’s supposedly set for October would happen for the refresh of iPod line up and an all new iPad mini or bigger iPod touch. According to Macotakara, the iPod nano would see an addition of Wifi functionality for iTunes music playback from iCloud.

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