Apple, the Cupertino-based leading technology giant has decided to get serious about its sales in Indian market. First reported by BGR India back in July this year, the story has now resurfaced again with Business Today reporting an increase in the share price of Apple’s prime distributor, Redington India. The world’s most commendable brand has plans to open 500 iOS stores all across India including in smaller towns and cities. Although the expansion plan has been tentatively approved, the stores which are going to be launched in smaller towns and cities would be smaller in size i.e 300 to 600 sq.ft, unlike the exclusive apple stores which are thrice their size. Apple also plans to increase its expenditure on direct advertising in India.


Apple which recently crossed a market capitalization of $700 Billion, has been in India since 2011 but has so far but in terms of volume hasn’t created a huge dent in the Indian markets unlike its Korean rival Samsung. Samsung currently tops the smartphone market in India and are followed by new players like Micromax and Xiaomi.

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There’s always that one tiny moment where the iPhone slips away from your hand while doing a gesture or just while handling and that is when it falls flat on its screen resulting in spider-web like hairline cracks. We all fear that moment as not only will it keep your iPhone away from you at the service centre for some days, but it will also burn a hole in your pocket.


Apple has come up with a solution to it. The US Patent and Trademark Office has granted Apple a patent yesterday (2/12/2014) that would change the iPhone’s angle while falling on the ground [click to continue…]

Xiaomi is a 4 year old Chinese company which started off with MIUI as a third party operating system and further went on to manufacture smartphones. Their reason to enter into the manufacturing space was to give its desired operating software, a home of it’s own. So that everyone can enjoy the custom user interface without worrying about compatibility issues.

xiaomi owner

Just weeks after beating Lenovo & LG and claiming the 3rd spot as a the world’s largest smartphone maker, Lei Jun made a striking statement about his company at China’s World Internet Conference in Wuzhen. He stated that within 5 years or a decade, Xiaomi will become the number one smartphone company in the world.

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Apple which purchased Beats earlier this year in May for $3 billion to optimize music streaming is doing what might seem the correct next move. According to the Financial Times Report, Apple will now bundle up its Beats music service into an upcoming version of iOS which will instantly reach its millions of users. It is expected that Beats will be re branded under the iTunes moniker when it relaunches in 2015. It also suggests that the subscription service will be launching globally which was limited only to US till now.


The timing of this announcement is particularly interesting as Apple recently admitted that it’s sales of music downloads has declined. [click to continue…]

So Uber India isn’t the only one tieing up with local payment partners to reach more consumers (and comply with the laws), Apple yesterday announced that it will allow it’s Chinese customers to make app store purchases through UnionPay. UnionPay is China’s one of the popular credit and debit card system and holds a virtual monopoly on processing payments between merchants, banks and credit card companies. It has issued more than 4.5 billion cards in China and operates in all cities.

Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice president of Internet Software and Services has responded to its customers in China by providing an easy payment option as this was one of the most requested feature by its customers in China. [click to continue…]

The m-Indicator app is a Mumbai travel guide and is literally a boon when it comes to checking train timings, the different routes of trains, buses or bus stops for different bus numbers. A week ago, IRCTC launched its android app called IRCTC Connect which would let you search & book tickets (No-doubt, m-Indicator being such a HIT). Initially, One would need to visit the desktop site to view or cancel previously booked tickets. The option is now available directly through the application. It’s free to download and is available on major platform such as iOs, Windows & Android store.


Recently, The Center for Railway Information Systems (CRIS) has launched a mobile application named as NTES (National Train Enquiry System) for the Android and Windows 8 platform through which passengers can make inquiries relating to their trains, making our lives much easier. The app is free to download and is already available on Google’s Play store.

The smartphone industry giant, Samsung has developed Wi-Fi technology which will have 5 times more speed than the usual. The 60 Ghz Wi-fi technology will enable a 1 GB movie to be transferred in less than three seconds within devices. I will take more time to search that movie in my files, Samsung! While, uncompressed HD videos can be streamed easily from mobile devices and TV in real time without any delay.

Samsung has overcome this problem by making alterations to the design of the circuit and by leveraging millimeter-waves which previously were susceptible to path loss and had weak penetration properties resulting in poor signal. To support it, they are using the high performing modems and the best antennas. By doing so, Samsung’s new technology removes [click to continue…]

Consumer electronic brands have asked Amazon India to moderate their discounts, to not more than 15%, during its week long Diwali sale. This comes a few days after Flipkart’s ” Big Billion Day” sale, during which prices were dramatically slashed. Which led to a backlash from the traditional retailers community.Big Billion Day” sale, during which prices were dramatically slashed. Which led to a backlash from the traditional retailers community.

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Skype which was acquired by Microsoft for $8.6 Billion has made an announcement related to its services in India on Monday (6/10/2014). Skype – One of the most preferable app for making national and international calls via Internet will no longer let you call Indian telephone numbers. “As of November 10, 2014, Skype will end support for calling within India meaning calls to mobiles and landlines from Skype within India will no longer be available.” This statement was given by Skype’s parent company, Microsoft during the announcement.


Microsoft further continued, “Users in India can still make free Skype-to-Skype calls worldwide, international calls to mobiles and landlines and users outside the country can call mobiles and landlines in India.”  In India, Skype is used by many companies in the metropolitan cities of India to interact with their clients/colleagues all over the country but, henceforth they cannot. [click to continue…]

In an attempt to address the concern of slow wireless connection of mobile internet users, Google has announced a streamlined version of search results, specifically for India.

This news comes a month after the release of the Android One series of mobile phones in India, which aims to revolutionize the Indian Smartphone market by providing affordable Smartphone’s to all. Google has taken another step in the direction of strengthening its position in India, by launching a lighter version of its search page which will optimize the results for Smartphone users with slow internet speeds. India is one of the fastest growing Internet economies in the world and most of this growth is driven by mobile, thus mobile Internet usage is a bigger priority In India than anywhere else in the globe.

Google Search India

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