Microsoft who acquired Nokia in last year has decided to wipe out the brand name of ‘Nokia’ from their phones by replacing it with ‘Microsoft Lumia’. Microsoft made the announcement via their Facebook page of France. Nokia France’s Twitter account posted the link of the same. Microsoft then confirmed to The Verge of its rebranding in other countries too. Lumia 730 and 830 are believed to be the last two devices and perhaps the last ones to carry the Nokia name. Thus, putting an end to the very much trusted brand which used to be every ones favorite some years back.


When Apple launched back in 2007, Apple iOS kept itself exclusive to iPhones whereas Samsung, HTC, LG, etc adapted to the Android platform leaving back their own platforms. To make them more appealing to the consumer they competed on various specs and smart features and they continue to do so, thus managing to stay in the race. Sadly, Nokia failed to do so. Nokia, too could have stayed in the race if they would have adapted to Android and not stayed with Symbian. This could have prevented its downfall. Nokia has long been criticised for choosing Windows as their OS over Android, which many believe led to the slump in its global market share. Slowly in countries like India, Nokia phones were just used as spare phones, in case the primary phone isn’t working or its battery runs out.

It’s worth pointing out that Nokia still exists as a brand and a separate company based in Finland that focuses on location based services including HERE maps, and network equipment. Under the rules of the acquisition contract, Nokia had agreed to carry the Nokia brand till the end of 2015.

It is a known fact that Apple dominates the usage of smartphones and tablets in enterprise markets, to list out the usage statistics Citrix gave a through analytics document giving various statistics of its enterprise tools usage from mobile devices. Citrix provides secure access to various windows environments using mobile devices and states that almost 58% of the requests arise from iOS devices which is not as high as what other reports suggest but it is still surprising to see such high number considering the usage is done by users inclined towards windows. The nearest competitor to iOS devices for using Citrix tools is Android with an adaption rate of 35% and declining.

apple enterprise market

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Google has been trying to develop its own global standard for web video with the WebM format that includes VP8 video codec. Steve Jobs suggested back in 2011 that VP8 is way too similar to the H.264 open standard with a small difference in Baseline Profile and expected that MPEG LA, the owner of H.264 would definitely go behind Google and sue them at some point of time. He even warned companies trying to adapt Google’s VP8 standard to be careful because there was every chance of it going down due to too many patent infringements.

WebM VP8

The webM audio-video format that Google is trying to push uses around 64 granted patents and 22 pending patents from Nokia that are neither licensed to Google not is Nokia willing to do so in the future.

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Nokia has been struggling to get traction with its newly acquired smartphone avatar with Microsofts Windows Phone OS. The Finnish manufacturer that ruled the mobile phone market for several years is finding it tough to stay relevant in the smartphone age. Some key launches for Nokia this season are the Windows Phone 8 devices, Nokia Lumia 920, Nokia Lumia 820 (check price) and the Nokia Lumia 620. Priced at Rs 25,200 at launch, the Nokia Lumia 820 does its bit when it comes to competing with the Galaxy S2. It gives a 4.3″ screen, 8MP camera, 720p video recording and a 1.5 GHz processor / 1GB RAM duo to support the device. [click to continue…]

Nokia has thrown its punches at the upcoming Apple iPhone 5 at the recently concluded Nokia World. Ever since Nokia announced its partnership with Microsoft to adopt Windows Phone as their sole platform for making smartphones, expectations of a third front compared to Android and iOS came up. Nokia delivered its first set of Lumia phones last year, the 800 and 710 created enough buzz for the re-branding of Nokia smartphone line-up.

As they phase out Symbian OS, Windows Phone is maturing. Microsoft is about to integrate its desktop and mobile platforms with Windows 8 and Nokia is betting big with the 2nd gen Lumia products. Nokia announced the Lumia 920 and 820 this week and Espoo would hope to compete with the movers and shakers of smartphone industry, be it the Android powered HTC One X & Samsung Galaxy S3 or the Apple iPhone series.

Nokia Lumia 920

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Among all the public rants that Apple Inc. has been subjected to, the most recent comes from Sean Parker, Director at Spotify (also former Facebook president). According to Parker, Apple apparently was the bone of contention for the music streaming company’s release in the US. The release was delayed by nearly two and a half-year after the company’s services were launched in Europe.

Parker made the revelation in the recently concluded D10 conference on Wednesday. According to him, Apple indulged in this behavior only because iTunes was facing major competition from Spotify, even though iTunes has major dominance in the music distribution scene in the US currently. Parker is reported to have said as an explanation to the revelation, “You hear things, people send you emails.”

Sean Parker hits out at Apple

Spotify was created in 2006 in Sweden, and had already become a major sensation in Europe in 2010. However, the US came in contact with it only in July 2011. [click to continue…]

With the latest update on Apple TV 2,  Apple has brought most of the features of the new Apple TV which offers a redesigned UI, music purchase through iCloud, Genius recommendations and so on. When we have a tethered JailBreak for A4 devices, it was pretty much expected that the support would be expanded for more devices and that includes Apple TV 2 as well. Fortunately, FireCore has come up to release a tethered JailBreak for Apple TV  2 on latest firmware, iOS 5.1.

Similar to all A4 devices JailBroken on iOS 5.1, Apple TV 2 also needs to be attached to PC/Mac once the device is rebooted. But the chances for the same are certainly less because unlike other devices, Apple TV 2 doesn’t have an inbuilt battery for the charge. You need to keep it connected to the power source for the continuous usage. That’s why, you may require to perform a tethered boot of an Apple TV 2 once in a while. Also, there are several plugins which works with the current tethered JailBreak. [click to continue…]

The news originally came from AllThingsD which says that Apple is planning to hold an event at the end of January 2012. This event will not include any announcement of iPhone 5  or iPad 3. Instead, the fruit company will talk about either advertising or publishing. Unexpectedly, the event may not happen in the Apple HQ at Cupertino or San Francisco, but in New York.  [click to continue…]

Nokia is making its way back into the smartphone market. The worlds no 1 mobile phone maker has failed to capture a market-share in the smartphone era triggered by the Apple iPhone and embarrassingly it ends up being on the wrong end whenever smartphone marketshare or profits is compared. Add to that the fact that the US market isn’t Nokia’s strong point, the Windows Phone 7 (Microsoft) tie-up for the Lumia series however should help Nokia. Also the American CEO, Stephen Elop. [click to continue…]

Apple just made an announcement that they will be launching the all new iPhone 4S in Hong Kong on 11th November. The big difference we noted that the prices for the 32 GB unlocked iPhone 4S were just 5088 HK dollars which comes up to just USD 757. Generally the price differences between 16 gig & 32 gig throughout the world is more than 60-70 dollars, making the HK pricing the best deal on the unlocked iPhone 4S 32 GB internationally. [click to continue…]

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