The Wait is finally over. Apple has revealed the features of iOS 6 with a tentative fall release. The World’s most advanced mobile and tablet operating system just got better. I will cover up all the major features, most of which we had already reported in the past few days.


Apple has said bye-bye to Google and is debuting its own Maps App in the iOS 6. The App has been completely redesigned using a vector-based engine which keeps the ext crisp, graphics clear, and panning and zooming smooth and responsive. What it means is you get fluid user-experience. What the previous Maps app missed was turn by turn voice navigation. Apple has answered the prayers and in trademark Apple style. As the user approaches a turn, Map speaks the direction so that he can concentrate on the road ahead and  also the screen turns into a 3D perspective of the road ahead. The App is smart enough calculate the duration of the journey and uses clear and large arrows to show the correct direction. While turning the arrows change their direction to show which way to go and in the event of a wrong turn, the app automatically reroutes itself. Remarkably the app also provides details on traffic, that too in real-time so that you know whats creating the huge jam. [click to continue…]

Recently Apple showed us a preview of its iPad inspired new OS X named Mountain Lion. Apple claims to have pushed in over 100 new features in the upcoming summer upgrade of the world’s most advanced operating system.

iPhoneHelp brings to you the prominent upgrades :


 The new Messages application will replace the existing iChat application and allows the transfer of files, both audio and video to be transferred to and from iOS devices and Mountain Lion systems. It will also sync with iMessages app on your iDevices which means that you can start a conversation in Mountain Lion and carry it on your iDevice. Messages will continue to work as a multi – IM client with built in support for Gtalk, Jabber, AIM. Hence, the most loved and hugely popular iMessage launched with iOS 5 is coming to the OS X. [click to continue…]

As days go by new and new information about OS X Mountain Lion features surface. The latest is that Apple will only Apps to be downloaded from Identified Developers by default as reported by MacWorld.

The feature is a part of GateKeeper which is debuting on Mountain Lion. The basic feature of GateKeeper is to protect users from downloading and running Malware on their computers. With OS X Lion, Apple has been speaking about iOSification of Mac OS and this seems like another step in that direction. We believe Gatekeeper would raise concerns about Apple’s Wall-gardened approach, but we must note here that it is a crucial security feature and while Mac has been largely Virus free, this might well help keep it so.  [click to continue…]

Another version of zToggle is about to hit Cydia soon. Being one of the beta tester, i couldn’t hold my excitement to unveil about an extended support. Since the launch of zToggle version 1.0, it has been a huge success in hacking community. It was made available from Cydia through BigBoss repository which allow you to disable/enable multitasking and backgrounding wallpaper features on your iDevice. Apple came up with an idea of implementing multitasking and home wallpaper from iOS 4.0. However, many people protested against the availability of these features. The reason behind it was continuous memory leaks which lead many apps or games to crash. [click to continue…]

After the continuous Mac OS X Lion previews for over a month, Apple has finally seeded the Mac OS X Lion Gold Master version ahead of its debut in the Mac App Store in July. It is rumored that the final version of the Operating System will arrive on 14 July along with a refreshed models of Macbook Air & white Macbook. There is no confirmation on the exact date of the Mac OS X Lion release but it seems that we will be able to use it very soon.  [click to continue…]

Apple has recently pushed the developer preview 4 of the Mac OS X Lion to give it a final touch. Developers can finalize the compatibility with their applications and satisfy themselves ahead of the final release in July. Mac OS X Lion will be exclusively available at a price of $29.99 from the Mac App Store in the form of a 4GB OTA update. Now, you don’t need to buy a CD from  any of the App Store to install the next generation of operating system.  [click to continue…]

According to a recent report, some instances have been found in Mac OS X Lion preview 2 that indicate that Apple would name their cloud services as Castle, not ‘iCloud‘. It was earlier claimed that Apple has purchased the iCloud domain and renamed it Cloud Me to resemble the name with its one of the most popular service – Mobile Me. Though, the castle has been retitled from ‘New Castle’ after the update in Mac OS X Lion preview.  [click to continue…]

Apple has released Mac OS X Preview 2 update which doesn’t point out any specific changes while recommending for the upgradable version. We can predict a complete sneak peak of the most important features of the Mac OS X Lion followed with the release at World Wide Developer Conference in June.

This update is recommended for all Mac OS X Lion preview 2 users. Those developers who are testing the preview can update by selecting software update from the Apple menu.

There is no information from any source about the recent changes which have been made through the update. If you figure out some changes, let us know.


Apple has released another preview of Mac OS X Lion which features a newly redesigned iCal application and iChat accounts merging. The iCal design comprises of a new bound header with fox stitching whereas the iChat now merges all the accounts in a single list mainly AIM, Bonjour, and Jabber which is somehow exactly similar to Adium.

This preview couldn’t be the awaited Gold Master version as it doesn’t fixes major issues such as Stability. 9to5Mac reported that the Chrome Browser crashes frequently on the version which they have downloaded. [click to continue…]

Apple may be planning to release Mac OS X  first Gold Master version very soon to developers according to a latest report by TechCrunch. The title ‘Gold Master’ means the complete developer version so that all applications of the platform update themselves and check the support before final release. It’s only a gold master version, so we should not be too excited about it.

Mac OS X lion preview is already available exclusively for developers but it is not a full version to experience the OS completely. Apple has announced that the upcoming OS will be released in summer, most probably during WWDC.

We can expect a sneak preview with some stunning features in coming months.

[via TechCrunch]

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