It’s Christmas! The holiday season, the season to reunite with distant relatives and long lost friends, the season with huge discounts on your favorite products, and the season to enjoy sweets till your heart’s content. In short, Tis the season to be Jolly! 


Like last year, Apple this year too has released its new commercial which is not showcasing any particular product but more of giving you the emotional feeling of Christmas. Apple posted this year’s holiday card ‘The – Song’ over the weekend which features a girl [click to continue…]

Pre 2007, we always used to have benchmark tools for PCs/Laptops testing the true potential of their GPUs. With the launch of iPhone in 2007 that opened up the gate to whole new possibilities of what one does with their mobile device, having a powerful GPU on a mobile device became quite essential. Benchmark tests like GLBenchmark soon became quite relevant for mobile devices but we never had an option to compare the true potential of how the mobile device GPU stacks up against their counterparts in PCs/Laptops. Thanks to the new version of GLBenchmark developed by Kishonti, we have a method of grading GPUs of PCs/Laptops with almost similar tool, DXBenchmark which is based on DirectX API whereas GLBenchmark relies on OpenGL ES. And the folks at AnandTech did not delay things any further to give us some stats to play with.


These test rely on a different set of APIs so we can’t actually expect accurately comparative figures but it will give us a peek into how well the latest mobile devices stack up against full blown GPUs in PCs/Laptops. Will the tests prove that iPad can indeed replace traditional computers?

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GSMArena has done a battery life test for major Android devices apart from iPhone 5 and the results are quite evident that Android devices with a larger battery life beat iPhone 5 in battery life tests but it is not all too bad for iPhone 5 which performed almost as good as Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One in real time battery life tests. Apple iPhone 5 almost always sports a battery with around 1450 mAh capacity but still offers usage on par with  Android devices with almost 60% to 70% higher capacity battery compared to iPhone. In the tests done by GSMArena the other flagships devices were HTC One with a2300 mAh battery and Samsung Galaxy S4 with a 2600 mAh battery apart from Apple iPhone 5 with a mere 1450 mAh battery.

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A comparison of all the flagship devices done by PhoneArena reveals that the iPhone 5 still has the best display and leads the pack in 3 out of the tested 4 categories, the only category that iPhone 5 failed to win was in screen resolution which is lower than the latest phones from Samsung and HTC. Read on to get more in detailed information about all these devices. Apple iPhone 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. HTC One vs. Sony Xperia Z vs. Samsung Galaxy S3 vs. Nokia Lumia 920

iphone 5

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You might have a flood of apps with promising feature that enhance the photo with visual effects and other visual balances. Instagram is famous for its filters, snapseed is famous for its intuitive UI and great deed of image enhancing features and so on. But here comes a new photography app that does something different and amazing, “Path On” which is available for $1.99 on iPhone and iPad. This app basically aims at allowing the user to draw a freely drawn path or go for a template of shapes and then type text on the hand drawn path or the shape. It might seem simple but the final results are really good. Read on to know more about Path On.


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Each one is different. Different in shape, different in size, different in colour, and different in the feel and smoothness in action. Before I let you wander your minds somewhere else, we are talking about the Stylus business. Today, there is a huge crowd of styluses in the market. From Samsung bringing in its revamped S-pen for the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 to Targus, the stylus that makes your non-touchscreen Windows 8 machines into a touch responsive screen, with just plug-and-play.

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On Monday, PC Mag’s Glenn Rubenstein and his friends from TWiT had a simple task of reaching Apple’s campus at 1, Infinity Loop. As a real world experiment they wanted to test out how well Apple Maps directions will fare against Google Maps and Waze. The testers were Leo LaPorte from TWiT who was using the Waze app, John C. Dvorak who had Google Maps and finally Glenn Rubenstein who had Apple Maps. Surprisingly the much bashed and hated Apple Maps won the test. Though this is not a professional test of all kinds Apple maps seems to be not that bad afterall.

Apple maps

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Back in 2007 when iOS was launched it sent the tech industry to go bonkers! It wasn’t because iOS was a perfect OS but it is because of the huge usable shift from the conventional smartphone OSes. An year later Google made its entry into the smartphone ecosystem with its Android OS, just like iOS even Android was half baked initially but it turned on the heat and proved to be a worthy competitor. Over the years Android evolved to an extent that it beat out iOS by volumes and created its own cult of followers. Accepted, iOS nor Android neither of them are perfect even now. Each one of the OSes can learn a lot from one another, in this post we sum up few features that iOS could borrow from Android and yet could retain the fluidity of iOS and yet add lot more functionality to its users.

iOS loves Android

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In a comment on Google+, Google’s SVP Jeff Huber said that Google look forward to provide an amazing maps experience on iOS. Since Apple has dethroned Google maps application from iOS 6, it was expected that Google would want to release a standalone application through App Store which would serve as an alternative for those who need it. Also, Google could take a step forward and integrate Navigation service as well.

At this point of time, Apple maps application is unusable for many people. Specifically, in India, the drill down for detail is pathetic. You couldn’t see many of the streets and places when you zoom in inside the Apple maps application. It’s definitely a good news for those who still want to replace Apple maps with Google maps in near future when iOS 6 goes public. Moreover, Google has announced reduction in its Google Maps API pricing followed by high profile defects from the service. [click to continue…]

The NDTV application for iOS has remained on the top 10 free news category applications on App Store for months. Recently, their application for iPad has received a major update which changes the User Interface of the NDTV app. Similar to twitter application, it now has a UI of deck of cards where  multiple windows are overlaid on one another. Also, you have an option to convert the window into full screen mode to read or watch a video conveniently.

If you have already used the native twitter application on iPad, you already know how to control the new User Interface. It’s more intuitive than ever. When you download the NDTV application on iPad, you would notice that the UI elements including the icon on home screen have been completely optimized for the retina display. All the categories such as News, Live Radio, Videos, Photos, Cricket, Markets, NDTV Social, Favourites and Soduko appears on the extreme left are static on their place. [click to continue…]

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