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Lately telecom service providing companies have been concentrating on providing internet data plans at prices lower than ever. There are projects to even provide free internet access to the masses like Facebook’s It has been launched in India in partnership with Reliance Telecom. BSNL too launched free WiFi services at ghats of Varanasi with an intent to penetrate into towns and villages. With similar plans, Videocon has plans to offer 4G data services at 2G/3G rates to encourage a fast adoption rate. Along with this, the telco is prepping up to offer bundled plans for smartphones.


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It is no secret that Samsung’s smartphone division is suffering a decline. Its decline in the Asia-Pacific region, which was earlier its forte, suggests that Samsung Corp. has to reinvigorate its devices to retain the market share. Industry experts have suggested both, change in the design and technology perspective and its pricing strategy, to change the direction of winds for Samsung. On the contrary, Apple has captured a lot of market where Samsung has lost it. And with other companies like Xiaomi, LG, Asus, Micromax, etc. offering awe striking features for less, Samsung’s crown is in jeopardy. [click to continue…]

Lately, anything related to iPhone 6 is grabbing much attention, isn’t it? Apple, after launching its much awaited big screen devices, ousted its rival Samsung in China. It reported record earnings for the last quarter and was also reported as the most preferred luxurious brand for gifting. With iPhone 6 Plus, Apple has gained a lot of user share all around the world. Talking more on iPhone 6 Plus is an annual report by Citrix.



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To the digital world, Facebook is always in news. Recently we reported about Facebook Inc. kick starting an ambitious yet philanthropic project of providing free internet in India. And now Facebook is bringing a new feature for Facebook Groups designed to make it easier for members of a “For Sale” group to list their items. The new “Sell” feature is now starting to roll out globally and will allow members to create a post where users can add a description of the item for sale, set a price, set a pickup or delivery location and other related features.

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Now that the Apple Watch is moving closer towards its launch, there is a lot of news surfacing about other watch manufacturing giants working on such devices. Initially on announcement of the Apple Watch, the analog watch makers were blatantly dismissive about the fact that this project would harm their popularity in the market. But lately, high-end Swiss watchmakers like TAGHeuer and Swatch have been said to turn their attention towards developing smartwatches.


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News on intricate relations about Apple and Samsung seem to have no end. In past, Apple has heavily relied on its rival, Samsung, for manufacturing all sorts of components. And now Apple has allegedly said to land back to Samsung, which previously tried to diversify the sources. This time it is for the manufacturing of Apple’s next generation processors – Apple A9.


With iPhone 6 processors, A8, Apple found an alternative supplier for majority of the chips. Apple decided to rely heavily on TMSC(Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd.) using its 20nm process for manufacturing [click to continue…]

Smartphones and Phablets are constantly gaining popularity in common circles. On the other hand, users are reluctant to get new tablets or upgrade them with a newer version. Resulting in worldwide tablet shipment plummeting by 12 percent, to read 67 million units for fourth quarter of 2014. This, according to Canalys, is its first ever decline following several quarters of slowing demands.

As the worldwide tablet market suffers a decline, Apple iPad sales too took a slow track in the last quarter of 2014. This was the fourth quarter in a row for Apple’s iPad demand declining. Previously during the fourth quarter of 2013, the sales saw a temporary raise in sales on account of [click to continue…]

Apple, the Cupertino-based leading technology giant has decided to get serious about its sales in Indian market. First reported by BGR India back in July this year, the story has now resurfaced again with Business Today reporting an increase in the share price of Apple’s prime distributor, Redington India. The world’s most commendable brand has plans to open 500 iOS stores all across India including in smaller towns and cities. Although the expansion plan has been tentatively approved, the stores which are going to be launched in smaller towns and cities would be smaller in size i.e 300 to 600 sq.ft, unlike the exclusive apple stores which are thrice their size. Apple also plans to increase its expenditure on direct advertising in India.


Apple which recently crossed a market capitalization of $700 Billion, has been in India since 2011 but has so far but in terms of volume hasn’t created a huge dent in the Indian markets unlike its Korean rival Samsung. Samsung currently tops the smartphone market in India and are followed by new players like Micromax and Xiaomi.

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Xiaomi is a 4 year old Chinese company which started off with MIUI as a third party operating system and further went on to manufacture smartphones. Their reason to enter into the manufacturing space was to give its desired operating software, a home of it’s own. So that everyone can enjoy the custom user interface without worrying about compatibility issues.

xiaomi owner

Just weeks after beating Lenovo & LG and claiming the 3rd spot as a the world’s largest smartphone maker, Lei Jun made a striking statement about his company at China’s World Internet Conference in Wuzhen. He stated that within 5 years or a decade, Xiaomi will become the number one smartphone company in the world.

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Apple which purchased Beats earlier this year in May for $3 billion to optimize music streaming is doing what might seem the correct next move. According to the Financial Times Report, Apple will now bundle up its Beats music service into an upcoming version of iOS which will instantly reach its millions of users. It is expected that Beats will be re branded under the iTunes moniker when it relaunches in 2015. It also suggests that the subscription service will be launching globally which was limited only to US till now.


The timing of this announcement is particularly interesting as Apple recently admitted that it’s sales of music downloads has declined. [click to continue…]

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