Winterboard Themes

Apparently, we have found out that many of you are having problem in setting up the UniAW5.0 theme. So, i have decided to write a tutorial which will help you in setting up the theme. Follow the steps below:

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ExistenZ made by Bluemetal is one of the few best themes available for iOS 5. If you are looking for simple yet elegant theme, your search ends here. The creator has done tremendous job in themeing every bit of iOS. The theme is compatible for iOS devices having iOS 4.3 to 5.0.1.

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Another super tweak coming our way from chpwn, who has given us amazing tweaks like Infinidock and ProSwitcher! This new tweak of his which is yet to be named like infinidock will give you the ability to scroll icons vertically!! Now I just don’t know how he can imagine such things!! Cool stuff isn’t it? 😉

chpwn has just released a video and this tweak is still in beta testing stages and should pop up in Cydia shortly, probably for a dollar or so. As I mentioned that this tweak is still to be named, chpwn has asked for suggestions for this tweak via twitter;), and if your name suggestion is chosen then you get the double benefit of getting this paid tweak for free & having your name suggestion as the tweak name!! Isn’t being happening?? So what are you waiting for?? Follow chpwn on twitter and start giving your suggestions :) (video below).

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COD: Modern Warfare 2 is one of the better gaming themes we have seen, this theme has a cool lockscreen wallpaper featuring skull faced soldier carrying a futuristic gun (also see the charging screen), springboard is loaded with some good square icons with a yellowish touch, glow effect can be seen on icons that represent the number of unread SMS / emails, the tiny Wi-Fi icon in blue colour on the top is also pretty nice. This theme was created by dannifood4less and is available for download via Cydia from Big Boss Repository & iPhone Repo Center.

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Digital_Clock Digital_Clock_cydia activate_thru_Wntrbrd

Digital Clock Lock is a widget which shows red digital clock on your lockscreen. It also changes the slide to unlock slider. You need to activate it through Winterboard. [click to continue…]

weatcher icon2 weather icon

WeatherIcon has been updated !!! This update fixes crashes that 3GS users were facing.

Another thing you will notice in this update is that, now it Adds support for showing the current temp in the icon badge (don’t know what made David do that when it can display temperature on icon :P).  You can enable the badge notifications from Settings> Weather Icon> Icon Badge>0n. [click to continue…]


MacCiti repository on the iPhone is known for hosting cool and innovative themes for the iPhone. Now here comes another ‘Class’ Act. The theme has a blackish background which makes it looks elegant and classy as the name suggests. The theme is based on iNav again and requires ‘Categories and ‘Blank icons’ installed which are available via Cydia. Krs its developer has done a marvelous job with his first creation using springjumps and categories. The sweet wallpaper and 77 creative icons come together to bring you and give a truly unique iPhone experience. Krs’s style and creative expression come out in this theme in a way that makes you stand back and say wow! [click to continue…]


Don’t mistake this as just another theme for the iPhone as you will be amazed what it does to your iPhone. This theme which is due out today, will completely revolutionize the look of the iPhone. It changes the springboard icons placement as well as categorizes the apps into different folders. The app is going to be paid but there is no news about its price The app is actually free and released. See it in the themes section soon! Check the video Downstairs.

inav-2 inav-1

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