Many times, it so happens that your Android phone’s auto rotation stops working. And there are quite many devices that do not provide the option of calibrating the G-sensors.  What do we do to solve this? Here is a solution I happened to come across by hit-and-trial.

Requirements : a rooted phone, better if it has CWM Recovery. Those who are not understanding a word from either of the above, please stay from this article.


1) If u do not have a working CWM, then you will be required to download an application called Titanium Backup / Pro.

2) Allow the application the SU (Superuser) right.

3) Select the options menu, tap the option that says Clear Dalvik Cache.

4) Reboot you android and this should work!

Same can be done using Link2SD (PlayStore link provided : app is free).

Now those who have a working CWM and do not want to download any app, go to the recovery mode, select advanced using volume rocker buttons to scroll and power button to select, similarly select Clean Dalvik Cache.
This should help in getting back your auto-rotate. [click to continue…]

When I bought my first smart phone, a Spice MI 280, I was a total noob. Had no idea in terms of what to look for in an Android device, what kind of configurations were best (of course bigger the better is the general principle :P). So when I purchased this phone, I realised there was too little internal memory for installing more than 10 apps at a time. And that was really irritating for you see, on a smart phone, we all tend to install all kinds of stuff which we think could be of a BIG use later on, but then we never really use them. I mean in-spite of the Domino’s app on the Google Play Store, how many times do we really rely on that application to order the pizza? That one phone call seems the easier way. But being one of the enthusiasts I would still love to keep in store as many apps as I could. However, that 170 odd MB of internal memory was obviously not sufficient. Thus, started the hunt for the solution.

Now to make long story short, if you too are suffering from the same problem of low internal storage, then here is a quick solution!

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iOS 6 is here along with the iPhone 5 and we are wondering what to make of the launch. The hardware is a worthy upgrade and we have already given it a thumbs up, but iOS 6 is where Apple is being criticized. And heavily in the last two days. The change in iOS 6 that hurts the most is the Maps App from Apple. Google had its time on the iPhone, with iOS 6, out goes the popular Google Maps and Apple brings in its own solution. The problem, it is half baked to say the least.

So if you are one of those who has upgraded to iOS 6 or simply bought a new iPhone 5, what are your options? Well there are precisely two small things you can try to ease the situation. Of course, some lucky ones can explore options to go back to iOS 5.1.1, others continue reading. [click to continue…]

We all love tho Jailbreak our phones. the Cydia store which comes as a part of jailbreak adds so much more functionality to the iPhone’s stock OS. From themes to utilities and many other tweaks. But many a times the tweaks seem to conflict with one another leading to MobileSubstrate crash and respring. Now since you don’t know which tweaks are conflicting the only logical option would be to delete each one from Cydia and then reinstall the ones which are compatible.

But there is another simple method to do this. Its by using the free cydia utility called SbSettings. Essentially SbSettings lets us add shortcut toggles to major settings such as Wi-fi, Bluetooth, data etc. But it also serves another important function.  [click to continue…]

While restoring my iPhone 3GS to iOS 5.0.1 custom firmware on iPad baseband, i came across a weird issue which never happened to me previously. Even after selecting the option to hacktivate on Pwnage tool, iPhone 3GS got stuck on the same activation screen. At first, i thought that i might have restored wrong firmware in iTunes. But even after several continuous restores, things didn’t work out. [click to continue…]

This problem is prevailing faster, primarily on Command Line Interface on Windows where users are experiencing “FATAL(__LINE__): Assertion Failed <1266>: got ==sizeof<size> 1266″ while JailBreaking their iPhone 4S or iPad 2. That’s why i thought of writing a post for you addressing the solution to surpass this error. Well, just navigate to General>Settings>Reset>Erase All Content and Settings and you are done. [click to continue…]

Well, if you are one of those folks who rely on Gevey Sim or Ultrasn0w and preserved your BaseBand using the custom firmware made from Redsn0w or Pwnage tool, you might be facing issues with the push notifications. Due to the fact that push notifications are not working, other services like iMessages and FaceTime could’t work. Thanks to SAM method which is still working on iOS 5.0.1. [click to continue…]

Cydia is by far one of the best parallel app stores for an iOS device. I am not going to sing its praises. However, many-a-times Cydia behaves erratically. One simply cannot fathom why. Further uninstalling & re-installing Cydia is not an easy task. One has to literally dig below the surface & re-do everything. You also risking loosing your Jailbroken Status. Who would want that right?

Hence, We have tried to find simpler diagnostic steps that one can do before one decides to do the Final step of uninstalling & reinstalling Cydia. We had attempted one method, which worked earlier. Consider this article an extension.

There are numerous ways to try & see if Cydia resumes smooth operation. To make it do so, we should first see if some garbage (of the soft kind) is laying around in the Cydia house on your iPhone.

Many-a-times the updates have a lot to do with the way Cydia behaves or misbehaves. Hence it is important to get rid of these “Junk” files. [click to continue…]

Apple’s iOS 5 might have brought with it a host of features, but as with all updates, there has to be few bugs. Usually, poor audio, call drops are fixed by small incremental updates. However, some problems needs elbow-grease.

Some iPhone 4S, for example, definitely suffer from the no-audio-on-outgoing-calls bug. However, many have reported a loss of the “Camera roll” post updating to iOS 5. [click to continue…]

In the locked-out world of iOS from Apple, getting a decent file Manager is next to impossible. Especially if you are a Windows user. Sure there’s Fugu for the Mac, but for windows there’s only one true File Explorer & Manager: iExplorer. In our “How-To” articles we will be frequently referring to the use of the iExplorer for copy-pasting & deleting files.  Hence, this is a small tutorial about iExplorer.

This Application (I will not use the word ‘App’ here), works very similarly to the simple Windows Explorer In XP & Windows 7. Further, the good news is that it works on Both 32 Bit or 64 Bit windows 7. Hence relax. If you do not know what is 32 / 64 Bit don’t worry. Ignore the statement. [click to continue…]

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