SHSH Blobs: All About Backup / Saving


What are SHSH Blobs?

Until OS 2.0 from Apple, when iPhone 3G came into play, Apple restrictions to downgrade from higher to lower firmware were not at peak. It means that if you are on, say firmware 2.2.2, and willing to downgrade to 2.2.1, you could do that without facing any errors in the iTunes. However, your BaseBand will remain the same which has a major role in unlocking your iPhone. After the iOS 3.0 release, Apple put a ban on these downgrades and the impact was observed in the iPhone 3G S where downgrade became a matter of concern. Since then the idea of SHSH Blobs came into action. 

Why you should save SHSH Blobs?

SHSH Blobs lets you downgrade your iDevice on the lower firmware depending upon the fact that if your did save for the respective firmware or not. To save the SHSH Blobs, you require a tool from @notcom (name of the developer) known as ‘TinyUmbrella‘. It is an important utility for the unlockers who want to preserve the BaseBand for their iPhone 4 and those who wants to bypass the Apple restrictions of downgrading the device once latest has been released. With each iOS update from Apple in the iTunes, you need to update the TinyUmrella accordingly. One version doesn’t guarantee to save all of them at a time.

How Cydia Saves Your SHSH Blob Automatically ?

The first time when you install cydia on your iPhone/iPod touch or iPad (JailBreak), you will surely notice a ‘make my life easier’ option on the main cydia page. Tapping it once will really make your life easier :D. It means that SHSH for the installed firmware will be automatically backed up on saurik server and you may not need to save them again through TinyUmbrella. In addition to this, it will also save Blobs of the recently released firmware even if they are not installed on your device. All saved SHSH Blobs will appear in green color on the top of the page.


TinyUmbrella / SHSh: Some additional features

Beside this TinyUmbrella also give you an option to kick your device out of the recovery mode and fix it. You may want to check them all. I hope that this post has helped you to know as why you should save SHSH and what are they? If you still have any doubts, let’s know in the comment section. We will love to help you.

You can download the latest version of TinyUmbrella from here