How to Sync/import Google Calendars on your iPhone

Google has launched Google Sync for iPhone/iTouchwhich lets you to sync Gmail, Gmail Contacts, and Google Calendars.

Once the set up for GoogleSync is done, You can import 25 different Google Calendars on your default Calendar app on your iPhone/iTouch. Importing/Selecting Google calendar is quite straightforward.

Here, are the Steps to import Google Calendars on your iPhone/iTouch Calendar:

  • Launch Mobile Safari on your iPhone/iTouch.
  • Now type on your Safari address-bar.


  • Once it loads it will show a list of Google products icons, tap on Sync or you can directly type


  • Now it will prompt you to sign-on just put default gmail account uid and pwd which you want to use.


  • After that, you will be redirected to GoogleSync for Calendar page, tap on iPhone.


  • Once you tap on it, you will see a list of Calendars, just check what you want to import and tap on Save button.


  • You are done !!! All you need to do now is to launch default Calendar app on you iPhone/iTouch, it will automatically add those Calendars that you had added just now.

IMG_0908 IMG_0909

Before these you need to Setup the Google account with Google Sync, check this link