Does iBluenova/ iBluetooth works on iOS4 ?

Apple iPhone 4 has received a terrific response so much so that deilvery dates have shifted from 24th June to July 2nd, infact AT&T has stopped taking any pre-orders for now. We all have seen the innovations brought into iPhone 4 reigning from its design to features like FaceTime and Retina Display. However, as expected there were a few disappointments. No bluetooth transfer for photos, music or any other files.

That issue had been resolved by MeDevil the developer of iBluetooth now popularly known as iBluenova. He introduced it successfully on OS 2.x and then on iphone firmware 3.x as well. However, he hasn’t mentioned anything regarding iBluenova’s support for iOS4 or iPhone 4. His site is under maintainance and there aren’t any updates of iBluenova on twitter as well. One more strange fact is that there was no mention of iBluenova during the jailbreak of iOS4 beta.

So does it mean that iOS4 won’t have iBluenova? I guess we’ll get an answer to that soon and keep you posted. 🙂

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