Android Honeycomb Tablet Prototype By Motorola Makes Its First Appearance

Google’s event D: Dive into Mobile had more to offer than just the Nexus S. Andy Rubin, Google VP of Engineering, showed off a Motorola tablet prototype running Android Honeycomb.

The known specs of the device include an NVIDIA processor, a ‘dual-core 3D processor’, video chat and Honeycomb, the Android for tablets. The processing power of this device could allow you to load a whole state of map data in offline mode, said Rubin.

Rubin also confirmed that Google is building a tablet optimized Android called Honeycomb, the same that powers this prototype. The OS allows applications to know when they are running on tablet and provides its functionality to multiple views.

The Motorola tablet would be available early next year. We could also see some more Honeycomb tablets during the same period. Rubin said, ”We’re not in the business to build one tablet.”

Via [Mashable]

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