Apple To Discontinue Support for iPhone 3G S After iOS 5.0 Release ?

History to be told, this has happened before and this may happen in future with the previous generation iPhone from Apple. The fact can’t be neglected that as soon as Apple releases major software upgrade, the hardware becomes incapable to hold them properly. iPhone 2G was released in 2007 with OS 1.0 (Apple called it iOS lately), upgraded until iOS 4.0 came out and then the support discontinued, that is, people who owned an iPhone first generation couldn’t update beyond OS 3.1.3. This didn’t stop here. iPhone 3G  was released with OS 2.0, worked flawlessly before the release of iOS 4.x. At that time, iPhone 3G S without change in design except a better processor, compass, and video recording came to use the capabilities.

Now, the current iPhone – iPhone 4 is repeating the same saga. iPhone 3G S release happened when OS 3.0 came into existence, capable of every feature which Apple provides. Though, they have not yet cut the supply of sales, 8GB variant is still available through contract with carriers in many countries or factory unlocked. This history clearly indicates that Apple will discontinue the support of iPhone 3G S after the iOS 5.0 release in WWDC (World Wide Developer Conference) in 2011. It has been assumed that Apple is more focused on cloud services rather than a revamp in the mobile operating system. All we can do is to wait for 6 June 2011 to confirm it.

What do you think about it ?