Apple To Unveil iPhone 5 in September/August?

After the entirely software specific WWDC 2011, it seems that Apple has shifted its focus towards the hardware. History to be old, after each revamp in the iOS, a new iPhone has always been the trend of the company. How can it change this year? Well, there could be some delays but the announcement might be around the corner. Apple will seed the iOS 5 publicly this fall through iTunes and the September event is coinciding with the release. Yes, everything is going as per the plans. 

Some BGR sources have also suggested that Developers are already building applications to use the capability of the dual core processor (A5 chip) and the enhanced GPU performance. The iPhone 4S/5 has been given to them as a part of testing. One of their source claims that their is no change in the design. Instead, the next iPhone will have huge improvements in the internals of the hardware. While other source contradict the statement and said that the iPhone 4S will have a revamp in the design with changes in the internal hardware.

To Unveil the iPhone 5, Apple will likely to hold an event in September or August. However, the availability of the product will be at the last week of August. It is still not confirmed that what exact changes Apple has done in the next generation of iPhone. Will it be an iPhone 4S or iPhone 5? Let’s wait till the long rumored mystery turns into reality.