BOOM! iPad 2 JailBreak Has Been Released Officially (JailbreakMe)

Finally, the day has arrived when we have a bug free iPad 2 JailBreak. This time, it is not a leak but a proper functional iPad 2 JailBreak. As we expected, it uses the another PDF exploit to JailBreak your iDevice on iOS 4.3.3. All you need to enter the on the mobile safari web browser and download the cydia icon on the springboard. All credit goes to Comex who worked really hard in bringing the JailBreak to iPad 2 after being disappointed once already. 

Apple will definitely close the loophole in the next firmware version which could be released within few days. So, we request you to save your SHSH Blobs right now. Once Apple release the upgrade for iPad 2 or other device, you would not be able to restore to iOS 4.3.3 if something goes wrong. You can save SHSH Blobs using TinyUmbrella which now supports even iOS 5 Beta 2. It is assumed that Apple has already closed the exploit in iOS 5 betas. But we have no words from the official source for the confirmation.

JailBreak Now!
Picture courtesy : iClarified

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