iPod Touch 4G & iPhone 4 Gets A Working Siri Port, Spoofed Apple Servers [Video]


Well, the biggest challenge in front  of the hackers has now been surpassed. We have finally confirmation from @stroughtonsmith and @chpwn who ported Siri on iPod touch 4G. It was earlier assumed that it would be impossible to spoof Apple servers and needs surplus amount of work than expected. But according to @stroughtonsmith, he has done it all in one line of code with plenty of changes in file systems. 

To confirm their claim, they have posted a video where you can see a fully function Siri working on iPod touch 4G. Siri is an ultimate iPhone assistance, integrated at system level which allows you to dictate sentences and it take care of the rest. However, we expect that after the Siri port in iPod touch and iPhone 4, it would not be difficult to port it in iPad. We have already seen screenshots of Graphical user interface hack of Siri on iPad. With the method to spoof Apple servers, the probability increases to a great extent.

Don’t worry, the hackers would release a tutorial on how to port Siri on your iDevices once iPhone 4S JailBreak is released for all. Are you excited to try out Siri on your iPhone 4 or iPad? Let’s know in the comment section.