Opera Mini 6.5 for iOS Now Available for Download

Opera Software has updated its alternative mobile browser for iOS devices, the Opera Mini to version 6.5. The new version which went live yesterday comes with a horde of new features and updates. This update for the browser arrives just three weeks after the same version for Android made its debut.

Apart from iOS, the new version would also be available for Symbian, Blackberry operating systems. There is a version for “normal” Java based feature phones as well.  We will of course be looking at the iOS variant which adds in a whole set of new features.

According to the changelog provided by Opera here are the new features you would spot on Opera Mini 6.5.

We  start with the most talked about addition; The data counter. That’s right. Opera Mini features a brand new data counter feature that lets users keep a tab on the amount of data they are consuming. It also lists the amount of data saved when they use Opera Mini instead of other browsers. Opera Mini is known for its compression technique that lets the browser use far less data than “normal” browsers to display a webpage. They have achieved this thanks to Opera’s servers that compresses received data before sending them to your phone.

According too Opera, the Data counter would be useful for those who are on a Pay as you go plan and would like to keep a tab on their data consumption fugures. Other feature additions include full support for auto-correct, spell-check and Google Auto Complete. It is now wasy to bookmark a webpage thanks to the addition of a “star” in the URL text entry box that lets you bookmark a page very fast. This feature is reminiscent of what we have seen in Google Chrome. Users would also be able to search from within the addess bar – making the dedicated search box sort of redundant.

Then there is the new intelligent domain suggest feature which is sort of auto complete with a brain. It automatically suggests the most used domains which suggests your most used domain endings.

Those who copy and paste a lot from their browser would be happy with the improved text selection feature as well. Opera has also improved its compression technology with the browser now using WebP format from Google to display images instead of JPEG.

Apart from all these Opera has also promised a lot of other improvements that make Opera Mini 6.5 much more stabler and snappier than the outgoing version. Head to the Apple App store to download Opera Mini 6.5.


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