Must Have Notification Center Tweaks For Your JailBroken iPhone 4S & iPad 2

Now, when the JailBreak for both iPhone 4S & iPad 2 on iOS 5.0.1 has been released, you might want to surpass all those Apple restrictions and install many of those notification center tweaks available in Cydia. By default, only Weather and Stock widgets are present in the notification center on iPhone, not iPad. However, you can grab many of them after the JailBreak. Let me tell you few of them which are must have, depending on your needs.
1) Twitkafly (works on both iPhone 4S & iPad 2) 

If you are a lot into tweeting your day to day life or any information about technology, this tweak is meant for you. Just install the tweak from Cydia which comes at a price of $1.99. Once you have installed the tweak, an icon would appear at the bottom of the notification center that would let you compose any tweak from there itself. This is not all, you can even reply to mentions right from the lock screen or notification center when you have twitkafly installed. Check out here for detailed information on it.

2) SBSettings (Works on Both iPhone 4S and iPad 2) 

SBSettings gives you almost complete control of your device from the notification center. It has plenty of toggles, starting from brightness, edge, 3G, respiring, reboot etc to kill background process. It lets you do so much from the notification center which was not possible before. In addition to it, you would even get the ip address, storage and Available memory displayed on Notification center itself. So, whenever you want to know anything, just pull then notification center down from the top. It can be customized from the separate application on springboard.

3) IntelliScreenX (Works on both iPhone 4S  & iPad 2) 

IntelliScreenX is the most amazing tweak i have ever seen. From the help of Planetbeing, the developer has unveiled the capabilities of notification center. You can add Facebook, twitter, RSS feeds, mail in the notification center and use it right from there itself. In the past we had shown a video where you can see this tweak in action. Even you can have the enhanced fully functional notification center on the lock screen as well. It can be customized from the settings and comes at a price of $9.99 + 3 day trial.

4) Music Controls Pro (Works only on iPhone 4S) 

When you need music control right on your springboard, this tweak does that for you. Once the tweak is installed from the Cydia for $5.99, you would get the control in the notification center about the Genre, rating, album cover with an option of play, pause, forward and skip to the next song. This is a must have tweak for music lovers on iPhone 4S. It even notifies through the notification bar when the song is changed intentionally or automatically.

5) Omni Stats Widget (Works on iPhone 4S) 

If you want an alternative of SBSettings with much more functionality, Omni Stat would do that for you. Download it for free from the Cydia, turn it On from the notification center in settings and you are ready to go. In the notification center, just slide from right to left to get all the options which would feel a tad complex in SbSettings. Free Ram, toggle Wifi, Kill background apps, reboot, shutdown etc your iPhone 4S on a click of a button. This makes things really simple. Also, you can free RAM if you feel any lag from Notification center.

6) WeeBackgroundKill (Works on iPhone 4S) 

You can kill all the backgrounding apps from the notification center with the help of WeeBackgroundKill which is available in Cydia for free. Just tap once and everything in your multitasking bar will be closed. Now you don’t need to tap and hold for the icon to giggle and kill them all one by one. However, it is known that these backgrounding apps doesn’t cause any drain in the battery life.

7) QuickNote (Works on iPhone 4S)

Pull down the notification center and notice all of your notes you had taken in these days. You can edit, delete or add notes right into the notification center and never forget anything. It can also be used as a reminder due to the fact that notification center is mostly checked everyday. Download QuickNote for free from Cydia.

8) SimpleDate (Works on iPhone 4S) 

If you want to display date and day on your notification center, download SimpleDate from notification center. With this, you have all the information on your notification center in addition to stock and weather. It would instantly include a bar with the day and the complete date written on it. It can be toggled from the notification center settings as per the needs.

9) Calendar Widget (Works on iPhone 4S) 

Also, you can have a calendar in notification center which would let you see the calendar of the current month. The current date would be highlighted in some other color to distinguish with others. All the dates which would come on saturday would appear in blue and those who would come on Sunday in red. It could be used with the combination of Simple Date and QuickNote if you are business person.

If you don’t find some of these tweaks under BigBoss repository, add this repo in Cydia: ““. Let’s know what do you think about them in the comment section.

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