iOS 6 To Feature New Avatar of iTunes Store, App Store and iBookstore

According to industry sources Apple is apparently redesigning its 3 major software stores: iTunes, App Store and iBookstore. These  three stores are a major source of revenue for Apple and these stores and their content are what set Apple apart from it competitors. For example the App Store has over 5,00,000 apps spread over a wide genre.

The overhaul is believed to be focused in improving the interactive aspect while making purchases in any of the 3 stores.  Along with system wide Facebook integration; Facebook integration is also being tested with iTunes Store at least.

Apple had recently acquired a company called Chomp whose forte was improving app discoverability. So we believe that the new refreshed stores will be featuring improved content discoverability in the back-end. Though Apple plans to implement the Chomp technology across all 3 stores, it might not be ready in time for iOS 6 launch.

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