Shuffle Lets People Have Disposable Emails And Numbers

For making the iPhone more useful, helpful and productive a new mobile application ‘Shuffle’ has been launched. This app lets the user create additional disposable phone numbers which can be used to call or text alongside receive voice mail from the iPhone. This application has turned out to be a competitor to ‘Burner’ which has been providing similar functions and alongside is also a longtime favorite. But to be better and more popular ‘Shuffle’ takes things a little further by allowing users to create email aliases which forward mail to the user’s inbox.  
Privacy is something which everyone looks for and Shuffle makes it easier. Founder Craig Collett, stated that people have the need to protect their personal emails, they could shuffle their numbers, emails for their personal and social connections and more.
If a phone number has been compromised by anyone like telemarketers or spammers the user can simply delete it. Nobody will be able to reach the user on that number again. This sort of service also makes sense for travelers who would like a local phone number when they visit anyone.
Though many times it feels a little rougher around the edges compared to Burner it is an easy application to use. Though there have been improvements which helps the user, for instance, it allows the user to color-code the disposable number which helps them quickly find out in a longer list with a simple glance.
The biggest advantages over Burner to Shuffle is its support to the email aliases which is often required for posting to sites for instance like Craigslist. With Shuffle the user can create a complete separate identity with its own number, voice mail greeting, and email address. Another really handy feature is that they can use text-to-speech to create the voice mail greeting.
The pricing model which is introduced by the application is a more transparent and easier to understand. For instance Burner will let you buy extra phone numbers using credits which one has to purchase in packs of three or up but Shuffle charges fixed fees. This will probably be liked more as usually with the payment system in Burner users were left with leftover credits.
A single number is charged at $1.99 per month and the user can configure it to auto-renew. After this it charges per transactions i.e. Calls in from a regular number are 1.5 cents per minute and calls out are 5 cents per minute. Texts are 1.5 cents and shuffle-to-shuffle calls charged at 1 cent per minute. Each email will also be charged 0.75 cents per forwarded message. For now picture messaging will soon be a part of Shuffle in a future update.
The application is available for a free download on iTunes.
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