For making the iPhone more useful, helpful and productive a new mobile application ‘Shuffle’ has been launched. This app lets the user create additional disposable phone numbers which can be used to call or text alongside receive voice mail from the iPhone. This application has turned out to be a competitor to ‘Burner’ which has been providing similar functions and alongside is also a longtime favorite. But to be better and more popular ‘Shuffle’ takes things a little further by allowing users to create email aliases which forward mail to the user’s inbox.   [click to continue…]

Google has done a lot of changes recently. On Tuesday, Google announced about the addition of Indian Railways schedules and other public transport information for eight cities to the Transit Feature of Google Maps. This India-specific update is available on both the mobile platforms i.e Android and iOS. Along with that Google Maps for the desktop will also be updated, the company informed.

Google informed in a statement that the current update will allow a user to now access information for 12,000 trains along with updated details for the metro and the bus routes. The cities receiving this update are  Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi and Pune. [click to continue…]

It’s a appy new year for Apple. Apple has ringed in 2015 with all the right notes. Reports released by Apple reveal that iPhone, iPod and iPad users spent a staggering $500 million in the first week of the year. It is the highest weekly sales recorded by Apple.

Apple was the pioneer of the app revolution in 2008 when it set up the Apple App Store. Now, it boasts of the widest selection of apps and a sizeable loyal user base who are regular app store users. The company’s store offers more than 1.4 million mobile apps in 155 countries. Also, app developers prefer to code for ios rather than android because of the stricter regulations and better safety offered by Apple devices. Since, the arrival of App Store Apple has paid out over $25 billion to app developers. Although, Apple hasn’t disclosed the revenue generated by the app store, experts estimate it at around $4-5 Billion.

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Apple which purchased Beats earlier this year in May for $3 billion to optimize music streaming is doing what might seem the correct next move. According to the Financial Times Report, Apple will now bundle up its Beats music service into an upcoming version of iOS which will instantly reach its millions of users. It is expected that Beats will be re branded under the iTunes moniker when it relaunches in 2015. It also suggests that the subscription service will be launching globally which was limited only to US till now.


The timing of this announcement is particularly interesting as Apple recently admitted that it’s sales of music downloads has declined. [click to continue…]

iPhone users are mostly considered immune to malware and viruses. There are risks involved when you jailbreak your phone, but thanks to the tight controls of the App Store, finding iOS malware is almost impossible. So, if you didn’t jailbreak your phone you simply don’t have to worry about any virus. Until now!


Security researchers at Palto Alto Networks have found a new family of malware called Wirelurker. It is called Wire Lurker because of its ability to sense when you connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer running OS X. The malware is speeding through the Maiyadi App Store which is a third party source for OS X software in China. [click to continue…]

A smartphone without apps is not a smartphone but a feature phone! If you are using an iPhone in India, then these apps are a must have. It will not only help you save your time but will also make your life much easier.



Freecharge (Download from App Store)


Developed by Indians and currently the most popular app for Indians to recharge their phones, DTH and Data Card is only getting better and better with time. Freecharge enables you recharging instantly with the help of credit card and debit card. [click to continue…]

As an entrepreneur you face the constant pressure to stay on top of your business and are greatly responsible for everything that happens. So, being able to work on the go is one of the skills you ought to master. But it’s not always possible to work off your laptop, especially while travelling or meeting people. This is where your iPhone can come in handy! Here is a list of 8 useful apps which can help you keep a check on things at all times:

1. Highrise

Highrise is a customer relations management app that helps you keep track of all the interactions you have or are having with your customers. With Highrise, you can check a client’s profile, his preferences and his history with your company, in just a few clicks!

The UI is sleek and easy to use. The app has an in-built audio player, which helps you record and store voice notes for every contact. Also, you can view any file type that is attached to the notes or emails right from the app.

When you launch the app, it will download your contacts and tasks to the app database. The fun part is, that while you wait for the download to take place, you can play tic-tac-toe. The download progress bar remains at the bottom while you tap your time away trying to beat the computer . [click to continue…]

Ever wanted to use your iPhone in the middle of a desert or in the middle of an ocean or high above a mountain and you find no signal reception? A satellite phone offers you with calling and data services anywhere in the world but is very bulky, uncool and expensive. Thanks to Thurya’s SatSleeve now you can use your iPhone as a satellite phone anywhere in the world. SatSleeve is an iPhone sleeve that supports iPhone 5/4S/4 and also extends itself as a external battery offering up to 48 hours of additional battery backup. The only downside to all this is a case that cost $500 and calling charges starting with a minimum of $1 and extending up to $8 depending on your location and the location you call.


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I have been using Nexus 4 since few days now. And completely loving the way how far Android has come down to. It’s been an amazing experience on this device. Nevertheless, there are so many great features which Apple could pick from Android to improve App Store in iOS 7. First, we all know how HTML interface of App Store sucks. It takes significant time even on high speed internet connection for the UI to surface once the app is opened. Of course, there’s a workaround to make it work faster, but then it remains a mess for many people.


I figured out that there are many ways by which Apple could learn from Play Store or Android and improve App Store for the future. Some of them are listed below –

Ability to install Applications from the iTunes Store (web interface)

This feature has been on Android from quite sometime now. For those who don’t know, you could install applications from the web as well on your phone without even touching your smartphone. I admire this feature a lot. For example, if i’m on my Macbook and found out an app link on Twitter or Facebook, all i could do is to directly use the link to install app on my device. That’s it, i don’t even need to open Play Store on my device, search and then install. And your email account decides what device you own for the purpose to install apps seamlessly. [click to continue…]

Fiksu, a mobile app analytics firm released their latest reports on App download statistics for February 2013 saying that the number of downloads from top 200 apps on the App store for iPhone has declined by nearly 810,000 down to 5.2 million per day in February from 6.01 million per day in January which gave a strong holiday season sales figures. App developers spend huge amounts on advertising their apps during holiday season in an effort to tap new customers who purchase new devices, Fiksu says that the app discovery and visibility efforts continued well into January 2013 as well and fizzled out in February which gives a right indication of things to come for later part of the year.

fiksu 2 app store competitive usage

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