Saurik, the creator behind Cydia, has come come up with a tweak called ‘Cyueue’. This tweak does the job of queuing up your songs one after the other in an efficient way. Due to the fact that it’s a tweak, it doesn’t install any standalone application after installation. Instead, it enhances the functionality of default Music application by adding an option to allow user to select what song to play now, next or later.


Once you have queued all of your songs using the tweak in Music application using the above mentioned actions, they are automatically added in a playlist called Cyueue. In other words, it could be called an ‘on the go’ playlist which you could replace with already playing playlist in music application. Also, once queue playlist is done playing all songs, you would be reverted to the previous playlist you had been playing. [click to continue…]

I, for one hate it when my phone starts vibrating while I am in my class, and my phone is kept on the table. And I have seen my dad hastily turning off the vibration whenever he is into a meeting and his phone vibrates on the table. Didn’t you ever get into such a situation?

Well, MyVibe saves you the trouble and embarrassment.

MyVibe is filled with basic operations and tweaks that allow the user to control the device vibration activities. The app uses the inbuilt accelerometer to figure out when the device is kept on a flat surface like, a table, and then controls the vibration. If enabled, then the app stops all the vibrations caused by notification of any kind. Problem solved? But there is another thing that seems more interesting to me. [click to continue…]

Grant Paul a.k.a Chpwn, developer of Zephyr and Gridlock is one of the developers who really listen to the users of their wares. Recently Paul updated Zephyr two times within few hours after receiving an overwhelming response, obviously about disliking of the 1.6 version of Zephyr. So within few hours, the next updated version was pushed, Zephyr 1.6.1. Now Paul is back with Gridlocker 2.0.

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If you haven’t heard of Celeste before, let me enlighten you about the popular tweak first. Among all those Bluetooth sending apps that came and disappeared, Celeste has been onto the forefront of the development. Despite all those hurdles which are being thrown by Apple with each iteration of iOS and making it difficult to crack the BTStack on iPhone, Cocoanuts have informed yet again via Twitter that Celeste would get iOS 6 support soon.


Celeste tweak works as an addition with the action menu on iOS. With cut, copy, paste etc, you also get an option to send files in Music library of your iPhone or an option to send via Bluetooth in iFile and other third party applications. If you have purchased the tweak before, and had been waiting for the much awaited update, the wait is about to end. In the meantime you could also check some other popular tweaks from the same developer team. [click to continue…]

Yesterday, Google pushed an update for Chrome for iOS. And all those people with a JailBroken iPhone, iPod touch or iPad who had updated without knowing the fact that it would crash after the update started to face issues. When you open the application, it works absolutely fine. But after 3 seconds, the application crashes and the activity continue to occur repeatedly. Of course, the fix is not to delete Chrome for iOS and reinstall from App Store. The reason is because Google has included an untested JailBreak specific code to its app.


If by any chance, you haven’t updated the application yet, it’s better you shouldn’t do it as well. Because once the app is updated, it would automatically figure out wether your iDevice is JailBroken or not and result in continuous crashes. The actual reason why Chrome for iOS crashes is because the JailBreak detection logic automatically assumes that you had turned ON crash reports in Chrome on iOS devices. On the contrary, by default, ‘send crash report’ is turned OFF which is why Chrome crashes every 3 seconds after you have opened the mobile browser. [click to continue…]

Undoubtedly, there are certain apps which are available on App Store that lets you create ringtones from your iPhone and the import them using iTunes whenever the device is connected to your PC/Mac. But if you are on a JailBroken iPhone, there’s yet another handy way for you to do the same thing, but in a much better way. A tweak called ‘Rinngo’ by Cocoanuts is an enhancement to action menu on iOS which gives you the ability to make ringtone directly from your Music Library and then save it right into ringtone library.


Precisely, it surpasses Apple’s restrictions to directly import use created ringtones to ringtone library. Previously, the developers came up with a tweak called Gremlin which allow you to import the downloaded mp3 files into the Music library. The procedure is really simple. Just tap and hold on the song in music library, an action menu would appear. You could use that action menu to select Rinngo and a new interface would be presented to you automatically. From there onwards, trim the song to create a ringtone and import to your ringtone library instantly. [click to continue…]

How many times you have thought that if there could be an option to save the page for Read It later in Safari on iOS? Well, finally your wish has been heard and there’s a tweak in Cydia called ‘Readr’ which lets you do exactly the same thing. Of course, there are many popular services such as Pocket, Readability, and Instapaper which have been supported by the tweak on the launch day. If you want any other service, you could ping the developer and he might probably listen to your needs.


In addition to this, there’s another feature called Read Now where you could read any page on Safari in iOS on a clean, comfortable readin view without any distractions such as Ads. Readr requires iOS 6.0 since it uses Apple’s action menu to use different options available for a page on Safari. These options of Read it Later and Read  Now would be visible in almost everywhere on iOS. Doesn’t matter what browser you have installed.  [click to continue…]

Too often we brush off a message planning to reply back at a later time but most times we forget to reply back to those messages. A simple concept was made by Joshua Tucker showcasing a simple tweak that helps users to set reminders to reply back to messages. This concept has been turned into reality now with a tweak that integrates right into Messages app of iOS so that users can set reminders to reply back to messages.

iOS message reminder

All the user has to do after installing the tweak is to tap and hold on the message in a thread that pops up a box to set reminder. A reminder can be set off after a period of 1 minute or 5 minutes or 15 minutes or after 1 hour. This very useful tweak can be installed using few simple instructions.

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Recently, the creater of Cydia, Saurik has posted on Twitter that both Evasi0n and Modmyi forums including in Cydia packages are down due to a system wide issue which is being faced by CloudFlare. CloudFlare is the service which is being used to host both and Modmyi forums. Hence, if you have been continuously trying to reach to Evai0n website and an error occurs, be assured that the site would be back when CloudFlare sort out their issues.

Screen Shot 2013-03-03 at 4.17.08 PM

If you want to download Evasi0n 1.5, you could checkout the links from our site since is currently unreachable. For those who don’t know, Evasi0n is the JailBreak tool which helps you to Jailbreak your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad on iOS 6.1.2. It’s also known that Apple’s testing an upcoming firmware, iOS 6.1.3 beta to kill the loophole completely. However, it’s expected that iOS hackers already have many other bugs that could be used for yet another JailBreak in future. [click to continue…]

There are times when you have to send photos or videos from an iOS application. And the usual way is to open up the picker from the action button on that application and then manually select the photo. In fact in may cases, you aren’t able to select multiple photos. Due to which you have to access the camera roll or photo library one by one every time you have to select the photo to send from an application.


Not anymore, because Cocoanuts, who are known to bring one of the handy tweak to send files from an iPhone to other devices via bluetooth have come up with a tweak called ‘QuickPhoto’. This tweak would add an additional keyboard layout, similar to Emoji keyboard where you could switch using a globe on the bottom left for purpose of sending smilies right from the same application. But this keyboard layout would let you select photos or videos from Camera Roll, Photos Album or Photo stream and share from any application. [click to continue…]

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