FakeLocation lets you to fake your GPS location

FakeLocation IMG_0024

FakeLocation is a cool tweak which will take the fake GPS Location whatever you chose. The reason why you would do this because of the black-out restrictions in the MLB or NBA apps and other. Suppose want to watch baseball games at work, but they’re blacked out since the app looks at the GPS and sees that you are in the blackout zone. This will allow you to bypass blackout restrictions for any sport app.

It opens Google Maps and allows you to fake a location for a specific app. Now we can watch sports that we want to no matter what state you’re in!

I tried testing with Camera GPS app, I’ve set the Fake Location, but Camera GPS shows that I’m using Fake Location :P.

FakeLocation is available on cydia under modmyi repo, comes with 10 day trial period,after that you’ve to pay 2.79EUR

IMG_0023 FakeLocation_select

LocationChooser IMG_0030

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