With Apple introducing the iMessage service on OSX as well iOS and OSX users can communicate with each other using iMessage ID right from their Macbook, iMac, iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. It is fairly easy to send a very large message with help of any of these devices but hackers recently found an easier method to automate the process with a simple script and fill up users inbox with very large messages, to an extent that it even crashes the Messages app on iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad. The attack, originating from a Twitter ID that sells UDIDs of Apple devices seems to have target many iOS developers who are well known, including iH8sn0w. They were bombarded with a series of thousands of message that their iPhone could not process and eventually crashed the Messages app.

imessage spam

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Apple released their iOS 6.1.3 update for all supporting devices yesterday, one of the major update in the release is to patch a lockscreen passcode bug that gives low level access to call logs, photos and contacts on the device. But it seems that a new bug has been revealed by Youtube user videosdebarraquito that would give access to call logs, photos and contacts on Voice Control enabled devices without SIRI. This bug was successfully replicated when our team tested it on an iPhone 4 today morning. A detailed video has been posted below which shows the bug.

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I used to have this basic mobile phone earlier, a Spice MI-280. All it had was a 2 MP camera, MP3 player and a horrible ultraslow internet connectivity. But one thing that it had what all my Androids lacked, be in Karbonn A5, Galaxy Fly, Galaxy Ace, HTC Cha-cha or the current handset Karbonn A15 was the option to use the mobile camera as a web-cam to use on Skype. None of my Android phones had the in-built options to use the device camera as the web-cam, as the VGA camera on my laptop offered horrid quality.

However, here is a solution that I came across few hours back! So it now gives another extra score to the smartphones over the dumb phones. Here’s how you can put that fancy smartphone camera of yours to better use, in the form of a webcam. [click to continue…]

Are you a user of The check out this cool tweak from developer Steve Streza that integrated messaging and file sharing into OSX native messaging application, iMessage.

Steve Streza is the person behind last year’s Apparchy that pulls out timeline updates and displays them on native twitter client on iOS, but Apparchy failed to take off later on due to high dependencies on third party APIs and a proxy server maintained by Steve Streza. Whenever the proxy server went down or new versions of twitter clients are released Apparchy would go dead making it unusable.

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Before even starting this post, those who do not own a Nokia S40 series device, still want to save their data usage and would have gotten disappointed if I did not tell you this : ” The same procedure is carried out by Opera mobile browsers”. Now carry on!

The all new Nokia S40 series, having the popular device Nokia Asha promises you a data saving of 90%, thus lowering your data costs and saving your money. For the non-technical people here, the secret is data-compression prior to data fetching on your devices.
That means, as soon as you request for your web page, the device will send the data to Nokia’s servers first, then compress it, after compression of the data, send it on your device. For example, if your facebook page requests for 20 MB of data, that data will get compressed into smaller bytes, and then sent to your network carrier. Now the network carrier will send you the compressed data rather than that 20 MB. Thus, saving your data.
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The all new iPhone 5 has been amidst the centre of discussion since the day the news broke that there is something called iPhone 5.
First it was the YouTube videos that showed the fake prototypes until the news broke that its going to have a longer screen. And when the Apple product was finally launched, every one was awed. The sleek design, the flawless charming finishing, powerful hardware, the ever so-good feel of holding the phone and show off the world that, “laws of physics are just general guidelines” (as the commercial says!).

Now, almost 5 months later, iPhone 5 comes back to the central stage, however, this time for a flaw in the product. [click to continue…]

When I bought my first smart phone, a Spice MI 280, I was a total noob. Had no idea in terms of what to look for in an Android device, what kind of configurations were best (of course bigger the better is the general principle :P). So when I purchased this phone, I realised there was too little internal memory for installing more than 10 apps at a time. And that was really irritating for you see, on a smart phone, we all tend to install all kinds of stuff which we think could be of a BIG use later on, but then we never really use them. I mean in-spite of the Domino’s app on the Google Play Store, how many times do we really rely on that application to order the pizza? That one phone call seems the easier way. But being one of the enthusiasts I would still love to keep in store as many apps as I could. However, that 170 odd MB of internal memory was obviously not sufficient. Thus, started the hunt for the solution.

Now to make long story short, if you too are suffering from the same problem of low internal storage, then here is a quick solution!

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Android devices are known to be poor battery managers. And on top of that, wifi and 3G suck the whatever left juice out of your device. Further, if your device is rooted, then even more miseries. Here is a personal experience on how to save your droid juice! Since I rooted my phone I experienced extremely poor battery backup on my device. I had to charge my phone every 6 hrs. And the battery would drop down to 91% straightaway as soon as I’d switch on wifi after full charge. So here’s what I tried and tested and suceeded in making my device run that extra mile on the same 1420MAh battery.


1) Set my clockspeed b/w 600Mhz to 1GHz. (used setcpu for under-clocking)

2) Instead of using WCDMA all the time, i have set my mobile SIM as GSM for primary SIM.

3) Set processor speed to maximum 400Mhz from 12 am to 7am again using setcpu.

4) Do Not charge the phone again until battery is drained.

5) MOST IMPORTANTLY used battery calibration when battery charged to full.

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While iOS hackers have fixed many of the issues which JailBreakers have been facing lately, there’s a bug which many users have experienced on their iPhone or iPad. In this issue, the Cydia becomes tiny where only quarter of the screen is occupied. Due to which it’s also called as the quarter screen bug. As only few people have faced this problem, we have a fix for you that could solve this issue.


Firstly, let’s make you aware what causes this issue. This problem is mainly caused by an incompatible tweak on iOS 6.x which you have installed from Cydia. The obvious fix is to uninstall the tweak which was responsible for this incompatibility or the quarter screen bug. To do the same, just put your device into safe mode using SBSettings. If you haven’t installed something like SBSettings to enter your device into safe mode, all you need to do is to reboot your device while holding the volume up button. [click to continue…]

A team of iOS hackers called ‘evad3rs’ have recently released their JailBreaking tool – “Evasi0n”. This tool would allow you to untether JailBreak your iOS device on iOS 6.1 such as iPhone 5, iPod touch 5th generation, iPad mini etc on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. However, some of the people while JailBreaking their iOS device have been experiencing an issue where the device is stuck on ‘patching kernel’ using evasi0n.


One of the team member @pod2g has tweeted that the issue could be resolved simply by doing a force reboot. To do a force reboot, you need to press home+power button of your iOS device until the device shows an Apple logo. This is the first version of evasi0n, so you might experience some of the issues either with Cydia or JailBreaking tool. Needless to say, despite efforts from Saurik, Cydia is experiencing an intense traffic which would be fixed soon. [click to continue…]

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