Apple Generates Highest Revenue Per Employee.

A interesting report summed up various aspects of revenue generated by top tech firm across the globe. Without any surprise Apple seems to have been generating highest amount of revenue per employee and highest net income per employee as well. But when it comes to market capital per employee, the company which went public recently, Facebook leads by many folds. Check out all the statistics right here.

 Apple has a unbeatable lead over other companies for revenue generated per employee and net income per employee but the facebook which filed an IPO recently and went public is expected to hit a valuation of $100 billion.
Facebook has just around 3000 employees which is comparatively a very small figure. A pure software or rather a app based company will obviously have much lesser employee strength. Apple being a hardware and software company which also has retail locations will have employees of various cadres.
Many big time analysts are even predicting Apple to be the first company on globe to hit a unimaginable number of $1 trillion income by 2015!

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