Future iPhones to Arrive with Touchless Gesture Controls, Curved Displays

Last year, Apple had launched the notched enabled iPhone X as its first OLED phone to mark the 10th anniversary. Inspired by the iPhone X, Chinese smartphone makers like OPPO, Vivo and Huawei have all launched notch enabled phones. OnePlus and Xiaomi are also expected to launch similar looking phones in the near future. Hence, it can be said that Apple is a trend setting company. Fresh information claims that Apple is going to raise the competition higher on its future iPhones by introducing touchless gestures and curved displays.

According to a new report on Bloomberg, touchless gestures will make it possible for iPhone users to carry out certain tasks without tapping on its screen. However, it may take around two years for such a technology to become reality. Another new feature that may arrive on future iPhones it the usage of curved displays. Some people may think it could be similar to curved displays present on Samsung Galaxy phones. However, the report claims that the screen of the future iPhones will curve at the top and bottom.

At present, all the iPhones have flat panels. The reason behind it is that these iPhones feature LCD panels that are less-flexible compared to OLED panels that can be curved or folded. The iPhone X’s OLED display is also slightly curved at the bottom, but it is not easily noticeable. The report claims that it would take around two to three years to release iPhones with curved displays.

At present, these features are in early developmental phase. Hence, Apple may decide to cancel them anytime. The reason why the Cupertino company is said to be testing these new features is that it wants its iPhones to stand out from the rest because smartphones from popular brands have similar appearance. Apple is the second most popular smartphone brand in the world following Samsung. Huawei is the third largest smartphone maker in the world. In order to stay ahead of its rivals, Apple needs to make sure it offers features and designs that are different from its competitors.

Air Gestures was introduced by Samsung many years that allow users to receive calls and browse on the web by hovering the hand on the display. Project Soli is Google’s attempt to bring such a feature on its smartphones. Samsung uses a motion sensor to make this feature available on its phones. However, Apple wants to embed such a technology directly under the screen of the iPhone.

As far as this year is concerned, Apple is rumored to release a 5.8-innch OLED iPhone as a successor for the iPhone X, a larger iPhone with 6.5-inch OLED panel. The third model is expected to feature LCD panel and it is expected to arrive with cheaper price compared to the OLED models. It appears that Apple may eventually switch to only launching OLED screen iPhones in the coming years. Last year, Apple had only relied on Samsung Display for OLED panels. This year, it is pegged to received OLED screens from Samsung Display and LG Display for its 2018 OLED iPhones.

Do you think that Apple will again start a new display design trend that will be followed by other brands? Share us your views by posting your comments below.


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