Motorola Shadow would be the iPhone 4G competitor from Google?

The iPhone 4G is just a little over a month away and tech enthusiasts are eagerly waiting to see how the smartphone race is poised after WWDC 2010. Apparently all major cellphone makers across the globe would be working on their nextgen iPhone killers already. The Google Nexus One failed to dent the iPhone 3GS or even beat the Motorola Droid which ran the Android itself. The Android 2.2 device that is now making news is the Motorola Shadow which is said to be the next official Google Phone. Revealed by its WiFi certification the Motorola Shadow is code named MB810 and referred as the Nexus Two, It comes with Android Froyo build, 8MP autofocus camera, 1080p video and a massive 4.3″ touchscreen.

What has to be seen is how far does Apple push the competition this time around. We have already seen the iPhone OS 4.0 and developers are hard at work to get their apps up and running the new version of iPhone OS. But at the same time even the competition is working hard to get out the best products to compete with Apple. The best competition to Apple off late has come from the Google backed Android OS. Though Google kick started Android pretty late (compared to iPhone) the open source nature and multiple manufacture setup is helping them. The hardware bit has since long caught up with the iPhone and infact the hardware has long ago beaten the iPhone. The place where Android is working to compete with the iPhone is software. Is Froyo up to the mark here?

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